ZVX-12v2 | 12" 3,000 Watt Max Power Car Subwoofer

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The Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D1 12-inch dual 1-ohm subwoofer is an ultimate powerhouse driver, unrivaled in performance and reliability. The ZVX-12v2 offers the perfect combination of size and power, conservatively boasting a 3,000 watt max power rating. This 12-inch SPL subwoofer was engineered to withstand brutal everyday use while performing efficiently at the highest levels of output power.
The ZVXv2 series utilizes a 3-inch high temperature voice coil and a massive triple slug magnet, which deliver the riveting lows this subwoofer can produce. Combine those features with its high roll foam surround and competition grade paper cone, and it becomes evident why the ZVX is a favorite among both everyday users and those using the ZVX in competition.
Quick Facts
Voice Coil Size
RMS Power Handling
1,500 Watts
Peak Power Handling
3,000 Watts
Voice Coil Configuration
Dual 1 Ω
Product Info
ZVX-12v2 D1
General Specifications
Car Subwoofer
Cone Type
Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
RMS Power
1500 Watts
Peak Power
3000 Watts
Surround Type
Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
Subwoofer Size
Voice Coil Size
Magnet Slug Count
Voice Coil Layers
Voice Coil Material
Black Coated Copper (CCAW)
Voice Coil Impedance
Dual 1 Ω
T/S Parameters
16.0 n/a
51.0 Hz
Dual 1 Ω
510.0 cm2
0.03 mm/N
350.0 gr
24.4 L
29 mm (one-way)
84.0 dB
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Enclosure Disclaimer
Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Recommended Port Area
38.0 in²
Recommended Ported Volume
3.00 ft³
Recommended Sealed Volume
Not Recommended
Recommended Tuning Frequency
34 Hz

Subwoofer Measurements
Total Height
Mounting Depth
Magnet Diameter
Outside Diameter

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Customer Reviews


Based on 344 reviews

  • Adding To The Pack
    Reviewed on 1/3/2022 by George
    Verified Buyer
    Going from 4 zvx12s to 6 in a wall these subs take a beating Best spl sub in its price range can eat over rated power even doing demos daily and can burp more than 3 times rated p
  • Tad Too Much!
    Reviewed on 12/5/2021 by Kerk
    Verified Buyer
    After the break in on a 1200 rms VFL in a 4th order box that's too small for it i gotta box it back up cause the local police sucks cow poo through sour straws. At 25 out of 50 on
  • Monster Sub #1
    Reviewed on 9/29/2021 by Bryan
    Verified Buyer
    I am BB customs I have been installing custom car audio since 1989 I attended installer institute in 91 I took out half of the third row seat , and designed and enclosure for 3.25
  • Got 2 1ohms
    Reviewed on 8/2/2021 by Nicholas
    Verified Buyer
    Forgot that my 2ohm wouldn't wire down to 1ohm if I got 2. So ordered 2 of the 1ohm versions. And waiting for a box now. But I'll throw the 2ohm in another car. Saving up for a bi
  • Only Got 1
    Reviewed on 6/25/2021 by Nicholas
    Verified Buyer
    definitely gonna get another. Have it on a rp2000.1d currently. After the second one ill probably grab the sk4500 and use the rp on like 4 sdrs in another vehicle or go 15s hopef
  • Awesome Sub!
    Reviewed on 5/11/2021 by SQUIDzilla
    This sub is great, I fed it a little over 1k rms for about 2 months and then built it a 3cf net 40in port area at 33hz box with a Taramps smart3 and it just eats the power. It is a
  • I LOVE MY ZVX 12v2 D2
    Reviewed on 4/29/2020 by Ciolo
    Verified Buyer
    I love it soooo much it sounds clean. The Bass is really really good specially at low bass 😍 It flex so good. Its only single bass but it shake my whole car And truck it depends o
  • Shocking! 🔊
    Reviewed on 2/17/2020 by Rad
    Verified Buyer
    I can’t believe what this 1 zvx12 can do in my Ford Ranger and my H/O alternator hasn’t even arrived yet! This sub is heavy duty. When looking at it sitting on a table it reminds
  • Honest Review After 9 Months Of Use
    Reviewed on 3/10/2022 by Jaiden
    Purchased this sub June of last year, but just now getting around to leaving a review. It’s absolutely amazing for the price. You will need a custom box, good electrical and a dece
  • Beast Mode
    Reviewed on 5/13/2021 by Julian
    Verified Buyer
    Violent tear your roof apart kind of bass scaring old people and babies all day kinda bass I love it
  • Zvx12
    Reviewed on 1/17/2021 by Shawn
    Verified Buyer
    All quality, cant beat price anywhere. Every thing from 1 place, nice. Thanx guys.
  • Null
    Reviewed on 12/12/2020 by Laron
    Verified Buyer
    Best subs ive ever owned, probably will run skar for life now...
  • Great Sub
    Reviewed on 10/20/2020 by Justin
    Verified Buyer
    Got a zvx 12 on a cab 2k and it handles it great as long as it’s clean sounds awesome and looks badass at the same time
  • Best Subs I’ve Ever Owned
    Reviewed on 7/24/2020 by Tyler
    Verified Buyer
    I push these subs to the max everyday and they like it. Wouldn’t buy any other sub. Putting 8500w rms to 4 of these beauties
    Reviewed on 5/27/2020 by Ayden
    Verified Buyer
    Website pictures don’t do justice but this thing is a monster! So excited to build a box for this thing and send big power to it
  • Great
    Reviewed on 9/13/2021 by TIMOTHY
    Verified Buyer
    Love the subs beat hard
  • Wow!!!
    Reviewed on 12/20/2020 by Anthony
    Verified Buyer
    Definitely some monsters running 4 Dual 2 12’s in my Yukon XL on a Taramps Bass 8k and they get down!!!
  • #skar'd4life #yourmomlikesmybass
    Reviewed on 7/16/2020 by Daniel
    Verified Buyer
    I stuck two of the ZVX 12s in a 2005 Mustang
  • Null
    Reviewed on 3/26/2020 by Miguel
    Verified Buyer
    I have 2 ZVX-12v2 and it is the best subwoofer that I have been able to get