SVR-12 | 12" 1,600 Watt Max Power Car Subwoofer

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Coil Configuration
The Skar Audio SVR-12 12-inch dual 2 ohm car subwoofer delivers hard hitting bass in a compact, powerful package. The SVR-12 was engineered and built with performance in mind. It starts with a unique 2.6" 4-layer high-temperature copper voice coil, allowing it to have a conservative peak power rating of 1,600 watts. The Skar Audio stamped steel basket featured on the SVR-12 utilizes an advanced air flow cooling system to help dissipate heat, enabling it to provide continuous reliable power.
The SVR-12 is equipped with a double-stacked 153 oz ferrite motor, which delivers the driving force behind the ultra-responsive, breathtaking lows this subwoofer produces. The suspension design of the SVR series features the Skar Audio signature red, single-layer spider, which connects to the coil former with premium stitched lead wires. Furthermore, the SVR-12 comes with a high foam surround stitched to a competition grade pressed paper cone. The advanced design features in the SVR series help to deliver powerful bass with uncompromising accuracy, that place this subwoofer in an elevated class of its own.
Product Info
SVR-12 D2
General Specifications
Car Subwoofer
Cone Type
Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
RMS Power
800 Watts
Peak Power
1600 Watts
Surround Type
Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
Subwoofer Size
Voice Coil Size
Magnet Slug Count
Voice Coil Layers
Voice Coil Material
Copper (Pure Copper)
Voice Coil Impedance
Dual 2 Ω
T/S Parameters
19.77 n/a
36 Hz
Dual 2 Ω
530.9 cm2
0.073 mm/N
255.6 gr
29.2 L
15 mm (one-way)
86.1 dB
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Enclosure Disclaimer
Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Recommended Port Area
21.875 in²
Recommended Ported Volume
1.75 - 2.00 ft³
Recommended Sealed Volume
1.00 - 1.35 ft³
Recommended Tuning Frequency
34 Hz

Subwoofer Measurements
Total Height
Mounting Depth
Magnet Diameter
Cut-out Diameter
Outside Diameter

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Customer Reviews


Based on 496 reviews

  • My Whole System
    Reviewed on 10/3/2021 by Alfred
    This is my setup for now. I still want to upgrade the inside speakers but for now I have 3 SVR 12’s a ds18 head unit a 2500 watt Skv2 amp and a audiocontrol lc2 pro because I was u
  • Love These Products
    Reviewed on 2/23/2021 by I
    Verified Buyer
    Great budget system I love ther stuff
  • Almost Ready To Go In
    Reviewed on 1/14/2021 by Rickey
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely love SKAR AUDIO. About to install rp3500.1 skar amp, 3 svr 12s(soon ima get the zvx 12s but that's later), 4 6x9s, 2 8"midrange loudspeakers, 2 3.5" tweets and more. I
  • Nice 👍
    Reviewed on 5/4/2021 by Fidel
    Verified Buyer
    Great subwoofer I have it hook up to an Audiopipe amp that is 1,000 rms at 1ohm so the final connection is 1 ohm perfect combination sounds amazing I used to have the sdr 12 the sd
  • Incredible Bang For The Buck!
    Reviewed on 3/8/2021 by Darren
    Verified Buyer
    First time buyer, customer for life! Wanted to add some low end to a 2021 Sonata for not too much out of pocket. Read these reviews and decided to go with the SVR-D2 sub and RP-8
  • Sick Sub
    Reviewed on 9/16/2020 by Gabriel
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome sub for the price also do not buy a prefab box these things love to get the proper enclosures have paired with a rp1200 1d
  • 2 SVR 12
    Reviewed on 11/17/2021 by Chase
    Verified Buyer
    So, as another reviewer noted, skip the SDR. Even if you're running 600 watts, skip the SDR. Both of my SDR's separated @ the spider from the cone on less than rated power. I decid
  • This Sub Gets Down
    Reviewed on 2/10/2021 by Brent
    Verified Buyer
    Hands down the best you can do for the money. Probably better than the expensive stuff.
  • Better Than Expected
    Reviewed on 9/5/2020 by Sean
    Verified Buyer
    Orderd a two subs and came back for two more. One of the best decisions I made 2020. Decaf + turned box it'll put a smile on your face
  • So Far So Good!Lows On Point!
    Reviewed on 6/4/2020 by David
    Verified Buyer
    I'm still wearing it in.The low end on this sub is on point.Only had for a week but sounds great.The magnet boot was crooked and loose but sending it back for that is pointless.So
  • The Perfect Subwoofers
    Reviewed on 6/6/2022 by Lee
    Verified Buyer
    Ok I received my order went to get installed same day n omg love da sound from these subs, way better than my old DB drive speedseries subwoofers, the skars hit way harder than da
  • Perfect Sub
    Reviewed on 5/4/2022 by logan
    Verified Buyer
    i was going to do two but after realizing i needed the trunk space i decided to go with one the svr-12 is a great sub hits hard in the 12 inch box skar sells i have it wired down t
  • These Subs HIT
    Reviewed on 4/29/2022 by Brett
    Verified Buyer
    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Super clean bass & really nice lows. Paired 2 of these 12’s with a RP.2000 Skar amp & it’s perfect for me.
  • Boat Stereo
    Reviewed on 4/2/2022 by justin
    Verified Buyer
    Just installed an svr12 in a custom box in my boat. 500 and 1000 watt skar 4 channel marine amps pushing the speakers and a 1500 watt skar marine monoblock for the sub. Amazing sou
  • My 2 Svr D4 12’s Paired With My 2000 Watt Amp Hit So Hard Nobody Wants To Ride In My Car!
    Reviewed on 3/19/2022 by BrandinEbel
    I’ve never had two 12’s sound so clean and hit so hard! I punish my 2 12’s every day for at least an hour and they sound as good if not better than the day I got em!!! And all I ha
  • Love The Look And Sounds Great
    Reviewed on 2/9/2022 by Charles
    Verified Buyer
    Love the craftsmanship and sound
  • Awesome Equipment!
    Reviewed on 1/7/2022 by Kevin
    Verified Buyer
    I have waited over a year to give my reviews. I have installed 3 models of Skar woofers and used 5 of their amps. (3 different vehicles one being my car it’s all Skar equipment) DD
  • Skip The SDR!
    Reviewed on 11/25/2021 by Adam
    Had it for about 6 months now, have it on 136 amp alt, 0 gauge knuKonceptz power wire, and on the rp1200. At 1 ohm. Pounds pretty damn well for a single sub. Pretty happy now that
  • Deeefent
    Reviewed on 7/11/2021 by Adam
    Mannnnn.... Skip the SDR..