Dual 12" Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

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Skar Audio introduces its SK series line-up of high-performance subwoofer enclosures to bridge the gap between competition-grade quality and universal fit pre-fabricated enclosures. The SK2X12V subwoofer enclosure is a dual 12-inch, universal fit, ported, subwoofer enclosure that is designed for maximum bass and responsiveness. Finished in a premium black carpet and featuring the Skar Audio logo on the lower left side, this enclosure will look sleek and attractive in any application.
When setting out to offer a line-up of premium, universal fit, subwoofer boxes, the end goal was to deliver a final product that was unlike anything else available on the market; setting new standards for quality and performance. The enclosure features a kerf style port, which means that the port construction utilizes the curves typically found only in custom, high-end, professional enclosures, allowing the box to offer deeper and more accurate bass. Furthermore, it’s precisely tuned to ensure that it delivers riveting low-end frequency response and the type of bass that turns heads from outside the vehicle.
The differentiating features that put this box in a league of its own don't stop there though; this dual 12-inch vented enclosure also utilizes high-end materials during construction, ensuring durability and reliability. On top of its outstanding craftsmanship, this box is also braced for extreme strength, and can handle even the most brutally powerful subwoofers. Internally, we line several walls of the enclosure with poly-fill to enhance the overall versatility and depth of sound that this enclosure reproduces with any given subwoofer. The premium push terminal wiring cup, that is built into the side of the enclosure, features 16-gauge speaker wire that is pre-soldered and connected to the terminals, making it easier than ever to wire up and install your subwoofer.
Product Info
General Specifications
Wood Type
Fitment Type
Enclosure Type
Wood Thickness
Enclosure Finish
Fits How Many Subs
Enclosure Finish Color
Subwoofer Compatibility Size
Internal Speaker Wire Leads Pre-soldered
12 AWG
External Push Terminal Wire Gauge Opening
Technical Specifications
Port Width
Number of Ports
Total Box Volume
4.00 Cubic Ft
Number of Subwoofer Chambers
Tuning Frequency of Enclosure
32 Hz
Number of Terminal Cup Connections
Enclosure External Dimensions
Depth 2 (Top) - Front to Back
Subwoofer Mounting Parameters
Subwoofer Hole Cut-out Diameter
Subwoofer Maximum Mounting Depth
Compatibility Chart
IX-12 D2/D4
VD-12 D2/D4
DDX-12 D2/D4
EVL-12 D2/D4
SDR-12 D2/D4
SVR-12 D2/D4
VXF-12 D2/D4
ZVX-12 D2/D4

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Customer Reviews


Based on 285 reviews

  • Skar Audio EVL 12” undefined 2ohm
    Reviewed on 4/12/2020 by Jason
    Verified Buyer
    I originally bought a single Skar 12” EVL about a year ago. I put it in a prefab box 2.75 cubic feet that was ported and tuned to 42 Hz. I had it running wired to 1ohm on a Skar Rp
  • This Box SLAMS!
    Reviewed on 3/14/2021 by Russ
    Verified Buyer
    I have 2 p312s running at 1ohm on a 1200 watt mono amp and let me tell ya, this box brought them to life!!! Shipping was fast, boxed nicely with 2 boxes and tuned low! My camera on
  • Null
    Reviewed on 6/25/2021 by Cadarran
    Verified Buyer
    Help my box arrived yesterday and it looks like it was mishandled pretty bad it already has a crack on the box
  • Solid Box Producing Massive Sound.
    Reviewed on 6/2/2020 by Brandon
    Verified Buyer
    got this heavy box. wood was very good quality, carpeting the same.
  • 🔥 🔥 🔥
    Reviewed on 11/11/2021 by Eric
    Verified Buyer
    I'll be back once I get my skar 1500 watt amp and skar 6×9
  • Good Box
    Reviewed on 5/31/2021 by StrangeKing
    Verified Buyer
    Bought this as a present for my brother to replace this tiny little box he had for his two power acoustik gothics. Got this box in swapped them out and his subs came alive in this
  • Great Quality, Broken Corner Like Everyone
    Reviewed on 5/14/2020 by Roderick
    Verified Buyer
    Got this thing fitted with 2 ddx12 dual 4 ohm subs wired down to 1 ohm! Powered by a pioneer 8601 (inplace of my blown rp2000.1) thing slams pretty hard. Women love it! I personall
  • Great Enclosure
    Reviewed on 3/13/2020 by Nick
    Verified Buyer
    Running (2) SDR-12’s @ 1ohm and this box slams the hell out of these subs
  • Not To Bad
    Reviewed on 10/16/2021 by Josh
    Verified Buyer
    first order was dripped off and immediately picked right back up by fedx. The box had holes everywhere and a really big one where i could see the black carpet ripped and smash mdf
  • A1
    Reviewed on 11/4/2020 by Ricky
    Verified Buyer
    Skar is the way to go I love this 12 evl I have 2 12s +
  • Great Price!
    Reviewed on 10/21/2020 by Richard
    Verified Buyer
    Fast delivery, solid box, well made. Great price! I put 2 12IX's in it and it sounds great. Only thing that could make it better would be bigger wire gauge for the subs, I switched
  • One Of The Best Pre Fab Boxes For The Price
    Reviewed on 6/26/2020 by Bryan
    Verified Buyer
    This box sounds great and feels solid in and out, I like the extra bracing on the inside and the fact it came with some poly fill stuffed in the sides in each subwoofer port. I add
  • Perfect Ported Box/my Subs Wouldn't Fit
    Reviewed on 5/17/2020 by Manny
    Verified Buyer
    The box is very high quality and is the best box hands down on the Market you can get for your subs. Just make sure your subs will fit though since the wood is extremely narrow on
  • Upgrade
    Reviewed on 2/14/2020 by Bryant
    Verified Buyer
    DDX 10S badest little subs on the planet I love my all skar system
  • Very Good Quality
    Reviewed on 5/25/2022 by Austin
    Verified Buyer
    Came pretty quick and very good quality, I recommend highly, especially with the sale going on, I bought about 2k worth of items and saved nearly $500.
  • Good Deal
    Reviewed on 4/14/2022 by talking.wrists
    Verified Buyer
    Built by a pro, every part of the build looks good, bracing not too short, just the right amount of glue used. Has low tone, makes my window flex a little. Bought the box Saturda
  • Bad Ass
    Reviewed on 4/6/2022 by Bronson
    Verified Buyer
    Back in the gap are used to run JL audio W6’s those things are way overrated today it’s nice to have a good product that is comparable that sounds just as good and built with quali