SKBIG3-4GA | 4 Gauge "Big 3" OFC Wiring Upgrade Kit

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When looking to improve the electrical system in your vehicle, the obvious starting point is with upgrading what is commonly referred to as the "Big 3" wiring. This Skar Audio 1/0 gauge wiring upgrade kit (SKBIG3-0GA) includes everything you need to complete the "Big 3", allowing for a hassle free installation.
Quick Facts
4 Gauge
Cable Type
99.99% OFC
Power Wire
x1 6 Foot (Blue)
Ground Wire
x2 4 Foot (White)
The cables come pre-terminated with 3/8" copper lugs attached and heat shrink already applied, ultimately saving hours of end-user preparation work. To finish the connections on the other side of the cables, we include 3 additional copper lugs and the heat shrinks. Lastly, we include multiple install accessories, including zip ties and cable clamps which are paired with wafer head screws, allowing wires to be safely secured.
Product Info
General Specifications
Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit
Fuse Type
N/A - Fuse Not Included
Wire Color
Matte Blue Power Wire (+) & Matt White Ground Wire (-)
Wiring Size
4 GA
Wiring Type
Power Wire Length
6 feet
Ground Wire Length
4 feet
Fuse Holder Included
N/A - Fuse Holder Not Included
RCA Interconnects Length
4 feet
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