RP-150.4ABM | 1,000 Watt 4-Channel Marine Amplifier

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Skar Audio engineered the RP-150.4ABM marine amplifier to set a new standard in high power marine amplifier performance. This four-channel marine amplifier is 2-ohm stable and utilizes a wide array of premium internal components, such as its high speed MOSFET power supply as well as an advanced marine grade PCB board layout. Conservatively rated at 1,000 watts RMS power (250 watts x 4 channels), this amplifier will bring the speakers on your boat to life with unrivaled power output and sound clarity.
The RP-150.4ABM is extremely versatile as well with its compact physical design, which allows it to fit in a variety of tight or small locations on your boat. Also present on one side of the amplifier is a built-in user control panel that is fully adjustable - allowing you to dial in your sound exactly how you want it. Featuring adjustable controls for gain, high pass filter, low pass filter, a crossover switch, and more, you'll have full control over your listening experience.
In addition to all the above features, this model also features four-way protection circuitry, which will give the user the peace of mind knowing they are protected against damage to the amplifier for various reasons - including electrical shortage, overheating, low voltage, and more. Our marine amplifiers feature a special marine coating internally that allow them to withstand the harshest conditions for long lasting use. Finally, the RP-150.4ABM also utilizes a powerful cooling fan that is mounted on the inside backplate of the amplifier which helps keep the unit cool even at the highest levels of power output for extended periods of use.
Product Info
General Specifications
Multi-channel Marine Amplifier
Fuse Rating
120 Amp
High Speed MOSFET Power Supply
Damping Factor
Amplifier Width
Bass EQ (Boost)
Yes (0‚+6 dB‚+12 dB)
Output Channels
RCA Line Output
Turn-On Circuit
Soft Turn-on Circuit
Working Voltage
8.5V - 16V
Amplifier Height
Amplifier Length
Tri-Mode Capable
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz
Built-in Crossovers
HPF / Full-Range / LPF
RMS Power at 2 Ohms
250 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v)
RMS Power at 4 Ohms
150 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v)
Efficiency at 4 Ohms
Protection Built-in?
Yes - 4-Way (Thermal‚Voltage‚Speaker‚DC)
Power & Ground Inputs
4 Gauge
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
105 dB
Low Level Input (Gain)
6V - 0.2mV
Low Pass Filter (Variable)
50Hz - 500Hz
High Pass Filter (Variable)
20Hz - 5kHz
Power & Protection Indicators
Yes - LED Indicators
RMS Power at 4 Ohms (Bridged)
500 Watts x 2 Channels (14.4v)
Remote Bass Knob & Cable Included
Channel 1/2 Crossovers
Low-Pass Filter
50Hz - 500Hz
High-Pass Filter
20Hz - 5kHz
Crossover Multiplier
Crossover Type (Switchable)
High-Pass Filter / Full-Range / Low-Pass Filter
User Manual
User Manual (PDF)
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Customer Reviews


Based on 134 reviews

  • All Skar In My 09 Tacoma 4 Door
    Reviewed on 3/30/2021 by Steven
    I just installed these two amp in my truck and couldn’t be happier. Spx-65c in the front and tx65 in the rear. The sound is clear and loud.
  • It Takes 2.1 For Me
    Reviewed on 8/27/2020 by Charles
    Verified Buyer
    I got 2 of the marine 150x4 to play with, others were sold out i have 1 for doors.2 channel to the tweets & 2 channel for the skar neo 6.5s. 1 amp for the rear. 2 for skar 3.3 twee
  • Marine Sounds Great
    Reviewed on 7/27/2020 by Ronald
    Verified Buyer
    1000x 4 works great I have full skar system on my boat the amp is crazy loud I have 8 marine 6 1/2 on this amp no problems I will say that amp gets a lil hot fast but has not went
  • JL Who?
    Reviewed on 10/10/2019 by Big
    Verified Buyer
    Amazing bang for the buck. Installed this and and rp800.1m into my new boat. Boat came with 6.5 JL audio speakers in the bow and stern along with a 3rd pair in the t-top. I adde
  • Rocks The Boat!
    Reviewed on 5/23/2022 by Kyle
    Verified Buyer
    After reading reviews on JL and Skar, everyone was saying go with Skar. I took the leap for one because it’s much more inexpensive and come to find out after receiving the Skar pro
  • No Brainer
    Reviewed on 4/18/2022 by Jr
    Verified Buyer
    I've overpaid for the jl marine stuff in the past. Decided to go a different route. Read some reviews on the hull truth, and pulled the trigger. Four 8" speakers and the 1000watt a
  • Beautiful
    Reviewed on 5/20/2020 by C
    Verified Buyer
    I just received mine today and I can’t wait to have it hooked up. I’m going full Skar Audio in my 1964 Ford Galaxie.. definitely would recommend ALL SKAR AUDIO Products.
  • Crazy Sound
    Reviewed on 6/14/2022 by Kyle
    Verified Buyer
    This amp has so much power. I have it pushing 2 6.5 marine speakers and 2 8”marine speakers. The gain is half way on all 4 channels and it’s crazy loud. We get the whole docks atte
  • Skar
    Reviewed on 5/1/2022 by shawn
    Verified Buyer
    Great stuff
  • Awesome
    Reviewed on 4/8/2022 by Justin
    Verified Buyer
    This amp is great I’ve got it powering four 8’s and two 6.5’s and it’s ridiculously loud and actually thumps hard like I’ve got a sub
  • Great Amp!
    Reviewed on 3/31/2022 by Mike
    Verified Buyer
    It’s only been in for a week but so far it’s been awesome. The installation was very straight forward and it sounds amazing pushing my 2 Skar 6.5’a and the 2 Skar 8’s. Wish they ma
  • Excellent Amp!
    Reviewed on 3/27/2022 by Jeff
    Verified Buyer
    Just installed this amp to feed 4- speakers in my Sea Hunt cc. Beautiful amp!
  • Happy For Price .. Will Use Again
    Reviewed on 3/17/2022 by Nate
    Verified Buyer
    Very happy for price. Tech is old school and each channel requires input … wish it had 2/4 channel mode as well as rca output Sound is clean and amp remains cool to touch. Used
  • Underrated!
    Reviewed on 2/21/2022 by Dustin
    Verified Buyer
    This amp is awesome. A little on the large size.. but i made room. Cant believe how loud and clear it pushes my skar marine 6.5’s and 8’s.
  • 1000 Watt
    Reviewed on 9/28/2021 by Sonny
    Verified Buyer
    Really impressed that it showed up early. Works great with the marine 8" speakers.
  • Can’t Beat The Price And Quality.
    Reviewed on 1/23/2021 by Sean
    Verified Buyer
    I just installed them today in my boat I got two of these amps and the difference in sound quality is night and day. I have three skar amps in my boat and they are awesome! Skar i
  • Great Power Amp
    Reviewed on 5/20/2020 by Justin
    Verified Buyer
    We selected this amp to run 4 Rockford Fosgate M1-8 full range marine speakers at their rms power rating of 150watts. As they are 4ohm speakers and this amplifier is rated at 1
  • Great Products
    Reviewed on 3/9/2020 by Javier
    Verified Buyer
    I couldn’t ask for better and the sound is so clear off the amps