Triple 12" Ported Universal Fit Subwoofer Box

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Skar Audio introduces its SK series line-up of high-performance subwoofer enclosures to bridge the gap between competition-grade quality and universal fit pre-fabricated enclosures. The SK3X12V is a triple 12-inch, universal fit, ported subwoofer enclosure. Featuring three independent subwoofer chambers, we engineered this enclosure to produce incredibly accurate and responsive low-end frequency response. In addition, each chamber features its own slot port alongside the bottom of the enclosure, which is tuned for the optimal compatibility and performance of most 12" drivers.
When setting out to offer a line-up of premium, universal fit, subwoofer boxes, the end goal was to deliver a final product that was unlike anything else available on the market; setting new standards for quality and performance. The enclosure features a kerf style port, which means that the port construction utilizes the curves typically found only in custom, high-end, professional enclosures, allowing the box to offer deeper and more accurate bass. Furthermore, it’s precisely tuned to ensure that it delivers riveting low-end frequency response and the type of bass that turns heads from outside the vehicle.
The differentiating features that put this box in a league of its own don't stop there though; this triple 12-inch vented enclosure also utilizes high-end materials during construction, ensuring durability and reliability. On top of its outstanding craftsmanship, this box is also braced for extreme strength, and can handle even the most brutally powerful subwoofers. Internally, we line several walls of the enclosure with poly-fill to enhance the overall versatility and depth of sound that this enclosure reproduces with any given subwoofer. The premium push terminal wiring cup, that is built into the side of the enclosure, features 16-gauge speaker wire that is pre-soldered and connected to the terminals, making it easier than ever to wire up and install your subwoofer.
Product Info
General Specifications
Wood Type
Fitment Type
Enclosure Type
Enclosure Finish
Fits How Many Subs
Enclosure Finish Color
Subwoofer Compatibility Size
External Push Terminal Wire Gauge Opening
Technical Specifications
Number of Ports
Total Box Volume
5.50 Cubic Ft
Number of Subwoofer Chambers
Tuning Frequency of Enclosure
36 Hz
Number of Terminal Cup Connections
Enclosure External Dimensions
Compatibility Chart
IX-12 D2/D4
VD-12 D2/D4
DDX-12 D2/D4
EVL-12 D2/D4
SDR-12 D2/D4
SVR-12 D2/D4
VXF-12 D2/D4
ZVX-12 D2/D4

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Customer Reviews


Based on 48 reviews

  • Triple 12s Sub Box
    Reviewed on 3/10/2020 by Auto
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect set up. Comes with wires already wired up in the box just wire your sub and install easy as that. This box really bumps with 3 DDX 12 2 ohm subs. Pounds like crazy. Running
    Reviewed on 5/15/2020 by Lawrence
    Verified Buyer
    This is a beast...wit da sdr's
  • Good Box For The Price
    Reviewed on 1/8/2022 by Miguel
    Verified Buyer
    The box is a good well made box but it doesn't have as low of bass that the 2 12s SDR box did. The box was a little weird to wire because each speaker is in its own chamber but it
  • Well Built Box
    Reviewed on 9/27/2021 by Carlos
    Verified Buyer
    I am using this triple 12 sub box for 3 JL Audio 123V3 4. They are wired at 2.7 ohms and sound great in my 2018 Cadillac XTS. The box fit great but is a pain to get in the truck.
  • Null
    Reviewed on 4/26/2021 by Heather
    Verified Buyer
    Great box perfect fit and tuned perfectly best box to buy
  • Bada$$
    Reviewed on 4/13/2021 by Lamar
    Verified Buyer
    Put em in my Silverado and I was already playing 2 shallow 10s BUT DAYUM this tuned triple 12 box 📦 CHANGED MY GAME !!! Next is the skar 3500 amp
  • Blue Line Industries SK3X12V Review
    Reviewed on 6/28/2021 by Blue
    Verified Buyer
    This box is awesome, excellent construction and made of good material. We would highly suggest this box to anyone.
  • Great Box
    Reviewed on 5/10/2021 by CT
    Verified Buyer
    The box came a day early which is always a plus. I love the carpet and Skar Audio stitching on the top. It sounds great and fits perfectly in my Armada.
    Reviewed on 4/9/2021 by Kieon
  • Triple 12 Skar Box
    Reviewed on 12/29/2020 by Fred
    Verified Buyer
    The sound quality from these “cheap” ix subs are amazing JL audio entry level sounds box is super solid
  • Great Box
    Reviewed on 8/21/2020 by LaDeldrius
    Verified Buyer
    I love this box, it’s good and solid.
  • Good Product
    Reviewed on 5/10/2022 by ROSCOE
    Verified Buyer
    Nice price and good product fast delivery as well
  • Never Received
    Reviewed on 4/12/2022 by Shunta
    Verified Buyer
    Never received
  • Null
    Reviewed on 3/15/2022 by Ebony
    Verified Buyer
    Best bass I ever had and heard
  • Null
    Reviewed on 3/11/2022 by Craig
    Verified Buyer
    It works and sounds great best box I’ve ever had!!!!
  • Yesss
    Reviewed on 3/1/2022 by Bobby
    Verified Buyer
    Love the quality and the look of the triple 12 box. Worth every penny. Got it a day earlier than expected. Gotta love that
  • Null
    Reviewed on 2/17/2022 by HECTOR
    Verified Buyer
    SK3X12V | Triple 12" Ported Universal Fit Subwoofer Box
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