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Skar Audio designed the RP Series RP-1500.1D model with two goals in mind. Designing the most efficient class d monoblock the company had ever set out to build but at a more affordable price than ever before was no easy feat. With those goals came the RP-1500.1D, an extremely powerful, reliable, and efficiency class d monoblock subwoofer amplifier.
This amplifier is rated at a conservative 1,500 watts RMS power at a 1 ohm operating load, and is capable of putting out over 2,300 watts max power at 1 ohm. Featuring a high-speed MOSFET power supply, 4-way protection circuitry, advanced PCB board, and other internal high quality components, the RP-1500.1D shines when compared to anything in its class when it comes to power and reliability.
This amplifier comes with a remote subwoofer level control and bass knob allowing the user to have full control over their bass from the front of the vehicle. This makes for a great amplifier when looking for serious power to get your system loud, and will work great on a single subwoofer around 1,500 watts RMS or a pair of subwoofers around 600-800 watts each. Class D Circuitry design.
Product Info
General Specifications
Monoblock Car Amplifier
Fuse Rating
120 Amp
High Speed MOSFET Power Supply
Damping Factor
Amplifier Width
Bass EQ (Boost)
Yes (0‚+6 dB‚+12 dB)
Output Channels
RCA Line Output
Turn-On Circuit
Soft Turn-on Circuit
Working Voltage
8.5V - 16V
Amplifier Height
Amplifier Length
Subsonic Control
Off - 50Hz
Tri-Mode Capable
Frequency Response
20Hz - 250Hz
RMS Power at 1 Ohm
1500 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
Peak Power at 1 Ohm
2300 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
RMS Power at 2 Ohms
930 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
RMS Power at 4 Ohms
550 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
Efficiency at 4 Ohms
Protection Built-in?
Yes - 4-Way (Thermal‚Voltage‚Speaker‚DC)
Power & Ground Inputs
4 Gauge
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
85 dB
Low Level Input (Gain)
6V - 0.2mV
Low Pass Filter (Variable)
50Hz - 220Hz
Power & Protection Indicators
Yes - LED Indicators
Remote Bass Knob & Cable Included
Real World Amplifier Dyno Test Results
Dynamic (Peak) Power at 1 Ohm
1,873 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
User Manual
User Manual (PDF)
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  • Love The New Speakers And Amp.
    Reviewed on 12/15/2019 by Kyle
    Verified Buyer
    So I was very impressed with this setup. The sound and power is amazing love this new system. My truck cant handle it and I hadn't even turned it all the way up yet. My window sho
  • If I Could Give 10 Stars I Would
    Reviewed on 9/17/2020 by crook
    Verified Buyer
    loving the amp and subs nice deep rich bass
  • Great Amp
    Reviewed on 7/11/2020 by Tony
    Verified Buyer
    Had to have exchanged out cause it kept going into protect mode, at first it was getting super hot but I had a fan installed and it stayed cool barley got warm and it would still g
  • Lovin' That Rp-1500
    Reviewed on 5/20/2022 by Gregory
    Verified Buyer
    I knew when I bought this amp that I would probably blow my Kicker 12's I have.... But I'm trying!!!! So in preparation I've decided that I'm going to pick up two 12" EVL's to h
  • Great Amp So Far
    Reviewed on 4/28/2022 by Kenneth
    Verified Buyer
    I love the Skar rp series amps...first I had the rp800 now this rp1500 and it slams my DDX 15
  • Great Amps For The Price
    Reviewed on 9/12/2020 by Felix
    Verified Buyer
    Have 2. 1 with 2 evl-8s and it hits hard af. No complaints and the other with 2 Zvx8 and it's pushing them pretty good for now until I get the sk2500. Never has either of them gone
  • Decided To Try Skar When Upgrading My Lambo Sound System!!
    Reviewed on 5/23/2020 by Bradley
    I was trying multiple different sets and brands from sundown to rf, kicker etc and came across skar. I really liked the way they looked and the power claims seemed reasonable. Cons
  • Review
    Reviewed on 4/4/2020 by Dustin
    Verified Buyer
    Purchased the 1500Watt amplifier with the 1600W SVR 12” subwoofer. I was mind blown of how clean it sounds installed in a 2013 Infiniti G37X. Hits lows like no other. I wasn’t expe
  • Skar RP 1500/1 Amplifier
    Reviewed on 12/3/2019 by Michael
    Verified Buyer
    I already gave a review, but heres another one lol, hear amplifier it puts out more power than rated, I love it skar audio you guys are a dream come true for affordable car audio.
  • Clean And Powerful
    Reviewed on 3/31/2019 by Bruce
    Verified Buyer
    I installed (3) sets of these in a 2001 Audi S4, 1 in each door and a set in the back deck on a RP 75.4AB With an EVL 12” in a 3 cubic ft. Potted enclosure tuned to 28hz. On a RP
  • Nice Compact For Power
    Reviewed on 12/15/2018 by sonny
    Verified Buyer
    I got one powering a evl 15 still breaking the sub in but seems to be pushing it pretty good. Hasn't got hot yet not even warm to the touch. Perfect compact amp for the power and p
  • Awsome Equipment, Great Sound!
    Reviewed on 6/9/2022 by robert
    Verified Buyer
    Bought the RP15001D and the RP100 4channel. The 1500 pushes my CT10 tropos to the max, and the 100 is pushing 4 - Skar 6.5" components. Love the way it all comes together in my 10
  • Good Stuff
    Reviewed on 1/10/2022 by Fidel
    Verified Buyer
    Hook up to my single 12-evl on my third row sitting Acura MDX it go’s hard asf.
  • Boom 💥 Boom
    Reviewed on 8/1/2021 by Nassir
    Verified Buyer
    Let me start by saying I placed my order and less than 1hr later it was shipped. Freaky fast. Shipped Thursday received Sunday. Florida to Michigan by land. I already spent time do
  • Rp 1500 W 2-10 VD SKAR Subs
    Reviewed on 6/25/2021 by Andrew
    Verified Buyer
    Very very pleased with this amp, having it paired with my 2-10" SKAR VDs i was shocked 😲 😳 😐 I built the box that they are in, from scratch and made it a sealed box as well. I p
  • Never Getting Anything Else But SKAR
    Reviewed on 11/19/2020 by Chris
    Verified Buyer
    Now, I’ve had some bang through out my life, from being around my older brother growing up with him doing it to his rides and winning competitions with it. So of course the love of
  • Rp 1500
    Reviewed on 10/22/2020 by Joaquin
    Verified Buyer
    Loving my amp Rp1500 and 2 vd 10’s. Very happy with em sound great for being in small box under seat 2001 GMC Sierra HD crew cab
  • Null
    Reviewed on 6/18/2020 by Cesar
    Verified Buyer
    Purchased an RP-1500.1D amp and looks like a very good Quality amp to push a EVL 15” Sub in Loaded Enclosure only waiting on that to be shipped and get everything wired up and slap
  • Worth It❗️❗️❗️
    Reviewed on 12/16/2018 by Eric
    Verified Buyer
    I bought this amp during cyber Monday for $140. It was completely worth it pushes my two kicker 10cvx124 perfectly. Only thing is that it gets a little too hot for my liking, so I’