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dont listen to the 1 star guy

the gentleman who gave this amp a 1 star has his subs hooked up wrong so it giving the amp a bad ohm with in turn will over heat the amp and eventually dies

Everything it’s amazing I’m really happy

I had a alpine type R Sound system on my Dodge Charger and I went all loud with Skar , I change everything I got 2 amps and one subwoofer and I change all my speakers!! This is the best sound system I ever got I don’t regret it at all! I love it sounds really amazing!!

Powerful Powerful Powerful

Couldn't Believe the power of this,will soon buy Again

Great subwoofers!

The subs sound great. The bass kicks hard. Right now they are in a sealed enclosure but will be in a ported box soon

Waiting Patiently

I'm writing to say how fast it came and its a monster. I haven't installed it but will write more then

low note sub

i have a vd-12 and im telling you this speaker play low notes very good on rap music also can take lot of power.i have a15'' kickerl7 and i like the vd-12 more.Wish i didnt purchase d kicker and get a better series sub from skar..u rock

Love them

I Know they could hit harder but in my extended cab under seat box they hit a hard ear thump. Id recommend Skar to anyone at school

Love Them

Happy as can be with them! I had to reinforce parts of my SUV like the rear view mirror. The windows shake, so be careful you don't crack yours. The funniest part is watching the windshield wipers lift off the windshield and vibrate. Makes me laugh every time. Customer service was awesome. Very patient and didn't mind taking the time to answer questions by email or phone, and always replied quickly. Thanks guys!

Can't Wait

Just ordered this through Amazon. Can't wait to get it and hook it up. Will be back to review it..

TX46 | 4" x 6" 140 Watt Elite Coaxial Car Speakers - Pair

Neodymium super tweeters

The skar audio tweeters y todos sus products son de buena calidad lo recomiendo 100%


Was looking for an inexpensive sub to replace my existing worn subs nvx vcw 10s (pair). These are the least expensive that I could find and still bump. So far after one day they are good, hit nice lows not as loud as I expected and tend to distort around 80hz and above (just going off of the low pass on the deck for reference) at mid volume and up. These put out more of a wide/full sound compared to my last subs which only hit lows so no Dre or easy e for me before but these do produce bass on those songs so I’m not stuck listening to only Gucci now. I have them powered by a nvx 1200.1 at 1 ohm (dual 4s) turned down because they are new. When they are ready I’ll turn it up n see if they can handle it hopefully they get louder hopefully better after breaking in. Overall for the price these are good so far. Only complaint is the cut out size is small for a 10 I wanted a drop in replacement and these are small so leaked air at first and the distortion/honking at the higher frequencies. Ported box 2.85 cubes tuned at 34hz. If your looking at getting these they worth the price especially if they are in a trunk or suv. I probably should have went with a more expensive sub for a cleaner sound since I’m so close to these but again for the price all good so far. Once they break in I’ll review again

Great looking speakers

Look very well made but have not hooked them up yet

Single 18" 2,500 Watt EVL Series Loaded Vented Subwoofer Enclosure (Black Carpet)

RP-350.1D | 350 Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier

RP-800.1D | 800 Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier

Decent subs for the price

Had to get new screws for the amp because they weren’t long enough to clamp down on the smaller wires

Great buy!!

Great amp definitely plenty of power

Nice amp for the money

Very nice,clean amp for the price but wish it had more adjustments on the amp itself and wish it was a bit smaller other than that great buy!

Great product

Upgraded my factory speakers what a difference the skar audio tx line made

Amazing amplifier

Used for 2 weeks so far works perfect and nothing to report

great amplifier!

awesome amp at an awesome price!

Happy customer

Customer service people are on top making sure that the product get delivered safe and on time and keeping track of it all the time