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Great speakers hit harder then some 12s

Hits hard

Just resently bought 2 10s and 1500 watt mono block and 4 channel 400 watt amp and new speakers this system hits hard and has great clarity plus the customer service was 5 star when I needed help wiring or anything they were on top of it

Deep and clear!

Give them the space and power they want and these will blow you away. I have to of these under the back seat of my quad cab and it sounds better than the 2 12's I had in the back of my Cherokee about 10 years ago! I have mine in a sealed box pushed by an LP 1000.1d beautiful!

Nice quality

Just got the ddx 12 hooke up to just a prime 500! Got ride if some p3’10s I have a 1,000 watt skar on preorder! Let me to you i’m bever going back to fosgate subs if this sub holds up! This is very very close to sundown and the quality is great! I heard it on an orion 1,500 mono amp! Dear God its strong! I tecommend all day long!!!

This should have been named The Beast

I bought this amp to power my 2 SDR 12's in a custom enclosure tuned at 34 hertz, it was more than I expected. With all 4 of my windows down my roof style flexes about an inch and I definitely get dirty looks from other drivers in close proximity to my vehicle while on the road.

Great value

I just installed it to power a pair of JL 10w6 v3’s and it is just what the doctor ordered. Solid at 1 ohm.

Exactly as pictured

Glad to rep Skar with a simple, fun T like this one.

Always an awesome and well performing product!!

Amp Performance

This little amp has surprised me, I was thinking this would be a very good starter amp for my daughters car but It has shown me it can hang with the big boys. so I'm putting one in my truck.


Great products love the skar team

Great Amp

Performs well. Doesn’t overhear or cut off. Great purchase. I’ll be buying more!!!


this amp really made my sub happy finally after replacing a so called 5000 watt amp by a company I’m too ashamed to mention. Now I couldn’t dream of a perfect match for my little trunk monster. This thing really pounds and makes me grin and giggle when other cars avoid driving near me and roll thier windows up,cops perform u turns in when they drive past me in the opposite lane,alarms go off,and all the other joys of really hard,deep,loud ass booms. Plus it’s really putting out over 2000 rms and cost only $230. That’s unheard of. I’ve paid twice that for a little least than half the power. Support this company. They’re doing phenomenal things for the car audio world and it’s greatly appreaciated. Not by my car tho. This mafucka is making it fall apart lol


Installed single on top of a Logitech Z623 system replacing the stock 7" full range driver. Wired to 2-ohm to keep the Logitech amp happy. Even on the internal 130W max (not RMS) amp this thing shakes my eyes as I type. Anyone looking to do the same upgrade to the Logitech system, install this driver in separate box for best results (logitech is slightly under 1cube (~10x11x11)). Very happy with the results, and will be picking up some of the bigger badder 12s for the car.


About 20 years ago everyone laughed at 8 inch subs and I was one of those people. But now with skar audio, this little sub gets down right nasty for an 8! And I'm only at 300 watts!

RP-2000.1D | 2,000 Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier

great speakers

love em they get real loud but id say run them with a set of mid bass, and a set of super tweeters so you can handle the highs and the lows. they make great vocal speakers but the highs sound a tad loud and the lows run a bit off. so if you ran them together with a full system or have a good fhz control you'll be all set. i will say tho i love em they play crazy loud so if im bombin down the road real fast they keep up with the wind noise like no other.


Best quality yet...

Insanely loud and clear tweeters

I absolutely love these monster tweeters they are crazy loud and clear

Get low

I have 1 wired to 1 ohm on a vfl 2k and everything shakes. Thanks to Greg at sound advice in Shelby nc my trunk is begging to let that gorilla out. I beat like King Kong.


I bought one EVL 12 D2 and paired it with the Skar rp1500 it thumps really good it’s still breaking in so I haven’t tortured it too much but I love this subwoofer so far it’s in the back of my ext cab s10 in a box I custom built for it I couldn’t be happier with Skar Audio products I’ve got all Skar in my truck now

Havent installed her yet

Awesome service..amplifier shipped same day as it was ordered..arrived on time...packaging was great...the condition of the amp was perfect...cant wait to install her...Will definately be doing business again with Skar Audio.


Customer very happy with these speakers. Sounded great, bringing another vehicle to have set installed.


Bought a single 15” EVL D2 running off a RP2k and just recently bought another RP2k and a second EVL D2 Skar all the way!!!

Great amp

Bought this to power 4 6.5 Fsx and 4 skt tweeters. Absolutely drives the speakers without even trying. Great addition to my system which is now all Skar Audio with the exception of the head unit of course. Highly recommend this amp for those looking for great sound at an affordable price.