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SKA7EQ | 7 Band 1/2 DIN Car Audio Pre-Amp Graphic Equalizer

  • Skar Audio engineered the SKA7EQ 7 band 1/2 DIN car audio graphic equalizer so that you can finally take full control over your car audio listening experience, dialing the sound into perfection.

    Quick Facts
    Type 7 Band Equalizer (-12 dB to +12 dB)
    Adjustable Bands 50Hz, 125Hz, 320Hz, 750Hz, 2.2kHz, 6kHz, 16kHz
    RCA Outputs Front, Rear, Subwoofer
    Max RCA Output Voltage 7 Volts

    Featuring two sets of RCA inputs (main and a selectable auxiliary input), this EQ takes your input signal and allows you to modify and adjust the sound to your liking. The output signal is then delivered via the high voltage (up to 7V max) pre-amp RCA outputs for the Front, Rear, and Subwoofer channels (the subwoofer out-put channel features an independent volume control knob on the front of the unit as well).

  • Technical Specifications
    7 Band 1/2 DIN Graphic Car Stereo Equalizer
    Adjustable Frequency Bands: 50Hz, 125Hz, 320Hz, 750Hz, 2.2kHz, 6kHz, 16kHz
    Balanced RCA Main Input (Rear)
    RCA Auxiliary Input with Variable Gain Adjustment w/ Aux Input Selectable Switch
    6-Channel (7 Volt) RCA Outputs (Front, Rear, and Subwoofer)
    Gold Plated RCA Contacts for Enhanced Signal Transfer
    Master and Subwoofer Volume Controls
    Adjustable Fader Control
    Low Pass Frequency Switch (60 Hz / 120 Hz)
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB
    THD: 0.0005%
    Line Driver Built-In: Yes
    Ground Loop Isolation Circuit
    Operating Voltage: 11V-15V
    20dB Headroom Eliminated Signal Overload
    Includes Installation Brackets and Hardware
    EQ Dimensions 7.00" W x 4.50" D x 1.00" H
    DIN Size 1/2 DIN
  • Download User Manual
    Click Here to Download (PDF)
  • Coming Soon..

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This eq is awesome. It brought my whole system to life. Skar is the only car audio that I will use. Can't wait to see what it all does on a meter.


SKA7EQ | 7 Band 1/2 DIN Car Audio Pre-Amp Graphic Equalizer


Great equalizer, sound a lot better. I have camry 2018 with stock radio so I bought the equalizer to get a nice sound and it work perfectly.


I may or may not install this eq on my current build. Seeing how I’ve been ask to review this item 4 times, Yes it arrived quickly. Yes it appears as advertised. I have not powered it up yet. It may or may not work and or function. So. Yes! I ordered it. Yes! I got it. I can not and will not add any further information. Please stop emailing me with review request. Thanks.


SKA7EQ | 7 Band 1/2 DIN Car Audio Pre-Amp Graphic Equalizer

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