SKA7EQ | 7 Band 1/2 DIN Car Audio Pre-Amp Graphic Equalizer

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Skar Audio engineered the SKA7EQ 7 band 1/2 DIN car audio graphic equalizer so that you can finally take full control over your car audio listening experience, dialing the sound into perfection.
Featuring two sets of RCA inputs (main and a selectable auxiliary input), this EQ takes your input signal and allows you to modify and adjust the sound to your liking. The output signal is then delivered via the high voltage (up to 7V max) pre-amp RCA outputs for the Front, Rear, and Subwoofer channels (the subwoofer out-put channel features an independent volume control knob on the front of the unit as well).
Product Info
General Specifications
6-Channel RCA Output (Front, Rear, and Subwoofer)
DIN Size
1/2 DIN
AUX Input
RCA Auxiliary Input with Variable Gaine Adjustment w/ Aux Input Selectable Switch
Main Input
Balanced RCA Main Input
EQ Dimensions
7.00" W x 4.50" D x 1.00" H
Volume Controls
Master & Subwoofer
Operating Voltage
11v - 15v
Built-In Line Driver
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
100 dB
Max RCA Output Voltage
7 Volts
Lowpass Frequency Switch
60Hz / 120 Hz
Number of Frequency Bands
Adjustable Frequency Bands
50Hz, 125Hz, 320Hz, 750Hz, 2.2kHz, 6kHz, 16kHz
Ground Loop Isolation Circuit
Installation Hardware Included
Frequency Bands Adjustment Range
-12 dB to +12 dB
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Customer Reviews


Based on 232 reviews

  • Bangin
    Reviewed on 2/8/2022 by Andre
    Verified Buyer
    Skar audio got my Yukon slumppin.... thanks alot
  • I Love Running An EQ.
    Reviewed on 9/23/2020 by Todd
    Verified Buyer
    Complete audio control with the unit!! Buy one
  • Killer Eq
    Reviewed on 12/19/2021 by Rhino
    Verified Buyer
    Works awesome.. even has a little bit of line driver in it perfect for a tablet set up..
  • Love Skar Audio
    Reviewed on 10/3/2021 by Clifford
    Verified Buyer
    This was just what the doctor ordered. Went perfectly with my system thank you
  • Eq
    Reviewed on 9/18/2021 by Tommy
    Verified Buyer
    Couldn't be happier with skar
  • Complete Control Over The Sound Of Your Whole System
    Reviewed on 4/18/2021 by Jeffrey
    Verified Buyer
    It’s pretty crazy how much of a difference the ska7eq has made with my system. Super easy setup and the half din size made it fit perfect between my seat for easy adjusting.
  • Great Sounding EQ
    Reviewed on 10/31/2020 by Nick
    Easy to install. You’ll love tweaking your sound with this 7-band equalizer. The ease and control of this eq is great!
  • Simply The Best
    Reviewed on 5/26/2020 by Valente
    Verified Buyer
    This eq is amazing I’m running a 4 channel am a 2000 watt mono amp running my eq of a an audiocontrol LC7i with an Epicenter with 4 neodymium speaker with 4 1” tweeters and two ska
  • Works Well, Great Value
    Reviewed on 4/30/2020 by James
    Verified Buyer
    Does what it says on the tin. Separates sound signals addiquitly. Good control. Some aesthetic and mounting issues but I'm picky. Overall solid quality unit. Very impressed with AL
  • Much Needed
    Reviewed on 4/21/2020 by victor
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for fine tuning and fit really nice under my head unit Built real solid and not plastic or feel like falling apart like others
  • SKA7EQ
    Reviewed on 5/21/2022 by Richard
    Verified Buyer
    Hands down worth every penny spent , my reason may differ from yours but for my purchase I needed a way to split my tuning a little further then I could thru my head unit and this
  • WOW!
    Reviewed on 1/29/2022 by Joey
    Verified Buyer
    Easy to install with speed wire and look great. Molded mine into my din below be CD player. Skar can I get a sponsorship? 😆
  • Great EQ
    Reviewed on 1/8/2022 by Jose
    Verified Buyer
    After installing the SKA7EQ i was very pleased with how much it increased the sound quality from my sub. Currently running all skar equipment sub/amp/EQ/rca. Running on factory rad
  • Skar Audio SKA7EQ | 7 Band 1/2 DIN Car Audio
    Reviewed on 12/14/2021 by Ismail
    Verified Buyer
    I was really impressed
  • EQ
    Reviewed on 9/27/2021 by John
    Verified Buyer
    This is a great equalizer, I love the Bass volume control and how you have a auxiliary rca plugs on the back also.
  • Great Quality
    Reviewed on 9/24/2021 by Mauricio
    Verified Buyer
    It's My first time buying for this brand and i love it, great quality and shipping was fast, little by little I'm going to buy everything from Skar.
  • Dual Eqs
    Reviewed on 9/2/2021 by Chris
    Verified Buyer
    I really like the eq I use one for my front 4 speakers and one for my rear 4 only thing I don't like is that if you use the sub put channel so you can control sub volume from the e
  • Bullshit
    Reviewed on 5/17/2021 by Mitchell
    Verified Buyer
    I think the video can explain...
  • Competition Subs
    Reviewed on 3/24/2021 by Antwan
    Verified Buyer
    I don’t think I’ll ever switch to a different sub ever again!! Skar audio is definitely where it’s at. One 12 2500 watt sounds like two 15s. I bought the one that’s $529.99, mak
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