Single 15" Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

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Skar Audio introduces its SK series line-up of high-performance subwoofer enclosures to bridge the gap between competition-grade quality and universal fit pre-fabricated enclosures. The SK1X15V subwoofer enclosure is a 15-inch, universal fit, ported, subwoofer enclosure that is designed for maximum bass and responsiveness. Finished in a premium black carpet and featuring the Skar Audio logo on the lower left side, this enclosure will look sleek and attractive in any application.
When setting out to offer a line-up of premium, universal fit, subwoofer boxes, the end goal was to deliver a final product that was unlike anything else available on the market; setting new standards for quality and performance. The enclosure features a kerf style port, which means that the port construction utilizes the curves typically found only in custom, high-end, professional enclosures, allowing the box to offer deeper and more accurate bass. Furthermore, it’s precisely tuned to ensure that it delivers riveting low-end frequency response and the type of bass that turns heads from outside the vehicle.
The differentiating features that put this box in a league of its own don't stop there though; this 15-inch vented enclosure also utilizes high-end materials during construction, ensuring durability and reliability. On top of its outstanding craftsmanship, this box is also braced for extreme strength, and can handle even the most brutally powerful subwoofers. Internally, we line several walls of the enclosure with poly-fill to enhance the overall versatility and depth of sound that this enclosure reproduces with any given subwoofer. The premium push terminal wiring cup, that is built into the side of the enclosure, features 16-gauge speaker wire that is pre-soldered and connected to the terminals, making it easier than ever to wire up and install your subwoofer.
Product Info
General Specifications
Wood Type
Fitment Type
Enclosure Type
Wood Thickness
Enclosure Finish
Fits How Many Subs
Enclosure Finish Color
Subwoofer Compatibility Size
Internal Speaker Wire Leads Pre-soldered
12 AWG
External Push Terminal Wire Gauge Opening
Technical Specifications
Port Width
Number of Ports
Total Box Volume
3.85 Cubic Ft
Number of Subwoofer Chambers
Tuning Frequency of Enclosure
31 Hz
Number of Terminal Cup Connections
Enclosure External Dimensions
Depth 2 (Top) - Front to Back
Subwoofer Mounting Parameters
Subwoofer Hole Cut-out Diameter
Subwoofer Maximum Mounting Depth
Compatibility Chart
DDX-15 D2/D4
EVL-15 D2/D4
SDR-15 D2/D4
SVR-15 D2/D4
VXF-15 D2/D4
ZVX-15 D2/D4

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Customer Reviews


Based on 81 reviews

  • Single 15zvx Ported Box
    Reviewed on 9/14/2019 by Brandon
    Verified Buyer
    The box I got is amazing the setup sounds great
  • 2 VXF 15’s, 2 Skar Boxes,1 4500 Watt Amp
    Reviewed on 3/24/2021 by Jett
    Verified Buyer
    The best sound ever!!!! The loudest 2 subs I’ve ever had.
  • Quality Workmanship
    Reviewed on 7/11/2020 by Michael
    Verified Buyer
    Built sturdy and pretty good price. I will definitely be buying more like this from skar. It’s pretty darn big. I had to take the lid and walk off my trunk to get it in, so check y
  • Amazing And Low
    Reviewed on 12/28/2020 by Stephanie
    I ordered this box with my DDX and it came in and actually fit first try!! It’s absolutely amazing! Sounds great and shakes my jeep!! Way better than my Memphis crap!
  • Disappointed
    Reviewed on 12/14/2019 by Dillon
    Verified Buyer
    Didn’t put padding all the way around it, thought it would be like the picture. Not sure if this is normal
  • Null
    Reviewed on 6/3/2022 by Sergeo
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome box for the ZVX15!
  • Great Quality!
    Reviewed on 5/5/2022 by Jonathan
    Verified Buyer
    Hooked up to the vxf 15 just hooked up a couple hours ago and already blowing my evl 12 out of the water !!!
  • DAMN!!
    Reviewed on 10/10/2021 by Michael
    Verified Buyer
    I slapped Skar's 15" ZXV in this enclosure and it's STOOOPID loud!!! 5⭐
  • Best Box I Ever Bought
    Reviewed on 9/18/2020 by Kelcie
    Verified Buyer
    Put this box in my big rig along with the Skar 15 sub and man the 15 hits way harder with the Skar box than it did in an off brand ported box from amazon. I’m very pleased!
  • Wow !
    Reviewed on 8/6/2020 by Ray
    Verified Buyer
    First thing first this thing is huge so make sure you messure before you buy it fits nicely in the middle of my back seats directly between both from steats so that the Speaker is
  • Good Quality
    Reviewed on 6/20/2020 by Brad
    Verified Buyer
    sounds great really like the kerf port. Matched with ddx had to cut the hole about a 1/8 of an inch more but worth it
  • Null
    Reviewed on 5/3/2022 by Raheem
    Verified Buyer
    SK1X15V | Single 15" Ported Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Null
    Reviewed on 4/16/2022 by Ian
    Verified Buyer
    Hits nicely on the lows with a zvx15 dual 2ohm wired to 1ohm. With Proper tuning/power box hits and moves some air nicely. Fits behind drivers seat in a double cab Tacoma snug at 6
  • Null
    Reviewed on 4/5/2022 by Billy
    Verified Buyer
    SK1X15V | Single 15" Ported Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 15 Inch Ported Subwoofer Enclosure
    Reviewed on 3/28/2022 by Juan
    Verified Buyer
    Very good quality and build very strong and reenforced only issue is 16 gauge wire to terminal cup inside of enclosure should be at least 14 gauge but would definitely recommend fo
  • Skar Sub Enclosure
    Reviewed on 3/15/2022 by Dean
    Verified Buyer
    Been installing systems since the 80s. These boxes are just insane value. Great looking too. You'd have to spend double or more for a custom box if you wanted better
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