SKv2-2500.1D | 2,500 Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier

  • Skar Audio SKv2-2500.1D 2,500 Watt Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier - Front View

SKv2-2500.1D | 2,500 Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier

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The Skar Audio SKv2-2500.1D is a competition grade monoblock class D subwoofer amplifier that was designed to deliver unequivocal performance and power output. As a part of the flagship SKv2 series of amplifiers from Skar Audio, this model utilizes only the highest quality internal components and features advanced engineering enhancements that allow it to outperform anything else on the market in its power class.


Whether you are competing in the SPL lanes, or looking for the absolute best amplifier to power your "daily driver" audio system, look no further - this is the amplifier for you. The SKv2-2500.1D is conservatively rated at 2,500 Watts RMS power, and at max power output can produce more than an astonishing 2,900 watts. In addition to its extreme performance capabilities, this amplifier features an advanced heatsink design that allows for maximum cooling, as well as 4-way protection circuitry, enabling the amplifier to operate efficiently at peak output levels for hours on end.


Furthermore, you'll have full reign over your amplifier with the built-in user control panel, featuring variable adjustment tunings for gain level, subsonic filter, bass boost, low-pass filter, and phase control. Versatility is key, and so you have the ability with the SKv2-2500.1D to run them strapped if desired, which is unique to our SKv2 series of amplifiers. In addition to all the above features, it also has both RCA inputs and outputs so that you can easily daisy chain multiple amplifiers together, and utilizes massive 1/0-gauge power and ground input terminals which allow for maximum current flow and therefore higher power output.


This amplifier comes with a remote subwoofer level control (bass knob) allowing the user to have full control over their bass from the front of the vehicle.


*High power amplifiers producing 1500 watts or more may require additional upgrades to your vehicles stock charging system.*


*Never mount amplifiers directly on the enclosure*



  • Skar Audio SKv2-2500.1D Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Competition Grade Quality and Performance
  • Extremely Powerful and Highly Efficient Design
  • Peak Power at 1 Ohm: 2,900 Watts x 1 Channels
  • RMS Power at 1 Ohm: 2,500 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power at 2 Ohms: 1,450 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power at 4 Ohms: 790 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power at 2 Ohms (Strapped): 5,800 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz - 270Hz
  • Working Voltage: 8.5V-16V
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity): 95dB
  • Efficiency @ 4 Ohms: 86%
  • Damping Factor: 200<
  • Low Level Input (Gain): 6V - 0.2mV
  • RCA Line Output: Yes
  • Low Pass Filter @ 24 dB Slope: 35Hz - 250Hz
  • Bass Boost @ 45 Hz: 0 ~ 9 dB
  • Subsonic Filter @ 24 dB Slope: 10Hz - 50Hz
  • Phase Shift: 0-180 Degrees
  • 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC)
  • LED Power & Protection Indicators
  • Master / Slave (Strappable): Yes
  • Fuse Rating: 250 Amps
  • 1/0 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs
  • Remote Level Control Knob Included
  • Dimensions: 520mm x 232mm x 62mm (L x W x H)

    Click Here to Download the SKv2 Amplifier Manual


    Real World Amplifier Dyno Testing Results

    • Certified (RMS) Power at 1 Ohm: 2,525 Watts @ 13.25v
    • Dynamic (Peak) Power at 1 Ohm: 2,803 Watts @ 13.56v


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    This amp ain't no joke!!! Pushes the hell out of my 2 EVL 18s.... Very happy with my Skar setup!

    Crazy powerhouse

    Amazing results from 2500 watt amplifier. Couldn't be happier!


    Got this bad boy hooked to 1 sundown X12 v.2 d2 at 1ohm tuned to 32hz and man this amp is no slacker, it's pushing this sub very well, I'd say this X12 is getting all of 2500w rms.. my voltage runs 14.5v most the time and dips to around 13.2v.. I say most the time because it's in my Silverado with GM regulated power.. the X12 is no joker, it definitely is the lowest lows monster and it hits them hard! GREAT AMPLIFIER, will definitely recommend the skv2 line to anyone in need of serious power and reliability... upgrade your electrical, it is the most important part of a system.. dual 2/0 feeds this beast...


    I baught one of these amps and 2 EVL-15 D4 and man it thumps so good

    Great amp at a awsome price.

    I purchased the skv2 2500 for the ZVX 18v2, and boy does this amp get that sub moving! Plenty of power and stays cool even after a 2 hour drive. High quality power for a more than reasonable price, thanks skar!