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AR1X10V | Single 10" Armor Coated Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

  • Skar Audio introduces its armored series of high-performance subwoofer enclosures as a unique blend of modern technical advancements paired with durable craftsmanship to offer a product with the strength to withstand hard-hitting subwoofers, without any distortion. The AR1X10V subwoofer enclosure is a 10-inch, universal fit, ported, subwoofer enclosure that is designed to add some serious muscle to your music. Finished in a premium black armor coating and featuring the Skar Audio logo etched on the top, this enclosure will not only provide unmatched protection, but is sure to turn heads, with its sleek design, while doing so.

    Quick Facts
    Total Gross Air Space (Volume) 1.40 ft3
    Tuning Frequency 38 Hz
    Cut-Out Diameter 9.375"
    Mounting Depth 9.00"

    The precise engineering that went into designing the armored series give the enclosure a truly "custom feel" that is evident with how loud and low this enclosure can get. The AR1X10V features a 1" wide, kerf style port, which means that the port construction utilizes the curves typically found only in high-end, professional enclosures, allowing the box to offer deeper and more accurate bass. Furthermore, it’s precisely tuned to 38 Hz to ensure that it delivers riveting low-end frequency response and thunderous bass.

    The overall design of this armor coated 10-inch vented enclosure inspires great functionality that will keep your box performing at an optimal level for hours on end. On top of its durable exterior, this box is also braced for extreme strength, and can handle even the most brutally powerful subwoofers without flexing. Internally, we line several walls of the enclosure with poly-fill to enhance the overall versatility and depth of sound that this enclosure reproduces with any given subwoofer. The premium push terminal wiring cup, that is built into the side of the enclosure, features 16-gauge speaker wire that is pre-soldered and connected to the terminals, making it easier than ever to wire up and install your subwoofer.

  • General Specifications
    Subwoofer Size 10"
    Number of Subwoofer Chambers 1
    Enclosure Type Vented (Ported)
    Port Type 1" Slot Kerf Port
    Fit Type Universal Design
    Wood Type 5/8" MDF
    Enclosure Finish Black Armor Coated Paint
    UPC 810028810723
    MPN AR1X10V
    Technical Specifications
    Total Gross Volume 1.40 ft3
    Tuning Frequency of Enclosure 38 Hz
    External Push Terminal Wire Gauge Opening 8 Gauge
    Internal Speaker Wire Leads Pre-soldered | 16 Gauge
    Enclosure External Dimensions
    Width 18.50"
    Depth 13.625"
    Height 13.00"
    Subwoofer Mounting Parameters
    Subwoofer Hole Cut-out Diameter 9.375"
    Subwoofer Maximum Mounting Depth 9.00"
  • Subwoofer Model
    IX-10 D2/D4
    VD-10 D2/D4
    SDR-10 D2/D4
    SVR-10 D2/D4
    DDX-10 D2/D4
    EVL-10 D2/D4

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Jeff Harris
It's the perfect enclosure

Finally got my driver broke in. This box did the trick. Was gonna build my own but with the price of this box I said to hell with it. I'm not in competition anyways. I have always liked skar audio. As a matter of fact everything in my truck is skar except my driver. The rp 1500 is pushing this HDS3.2 to the limits.

Nelson Morales
Great Enclosure

Got this enclosure and a Kicker CmpVR 10 350w that i got to change the shallow kicker enclosure that i had in my 2005 Trailblazer. This enclosure makes that sub kick really hard and clean low end without distortion. Love the sound that i got from it.

Alejandro Barreda Westphal
Great enclosure

After I got the enclosure, it took me less than 10 minutes to assemble it, I installed a grill as I want it to last several years and I have kids at home. My driver is a Sunfire 1000 watts powered by a Leon 1000 watt subwoofer amp. The results are amazing, never heard such power bass before like this one.the challenge is to calibrate this beast in my bedroom.

Enoch Drozda
10 skar prefab box

Great box....installed lanzar max st....10inch sub.....very inpressed...now we need to up grade the sub....

Andy Young
Great Little Box

I bought this for my Blazer. I use the cargo area for outdoor adventures so having a solid box that can be pulled out often is important. I didn't want a carpet finish and needed something small enough to pull out quickly. This fits the bill. I have a DDX-10 in it powered by an RP-800.1D amp. The combo works well and sounds great. Not too crazy, but still plenty to rattle things. The coating seems solid and it hasn't chipped yet.

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