VXF-12 | 12" 3,000 Watt Max Power Car Subwoofer

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Coil Configuration
The Skar Audio VXF series was engineered to deliver the perfect combination of SQ/SPL found in a competition grade car subwoofer of its power class. The VXF-12 D2 is conservatively rated at 3,000 watts peak power, and 1,500 watts RMS, and is unrivaled when it comes to power handling and overall performance. Designed around achieving a super low "Fs" parameter, the VXF series delivers low end response with absolute authority, all while being versatile enough to sound great across a wide range of music.
The VXF-12 utilizes a high temperature 3-inch copper voice coil, which combined with its massive 300 oz ferrite motor, allows this subwoofer to deliver head turning bass at the highest SPL levels. Furthermore, we integrated a stitched, high roll foam surround, with a competition grade paper cone, ensuring that this subwoofer is setting a new precedent in terms of sound quality and strength. Whether you are looking to be the loudest vehicle at a car show, or just wanting to enjoy the bass in your daily driver at unprecedented sound levels, the VXF series is the perfect choice.
Quick Facts
Voice Coil Size
RMS Power Handling
1,500 Watts
Peak Power Handling
3,000 Watts
Voice Coil Configuration
Dual 2 Ω
Product Info
VXF-12 D2
General Specifications
Car Subwoofer
Cone Type
Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
RMS Power
1500 Watts
Peak Power
3000 Watts
Surround Type
Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
Subwoofer Size
Voice Coil Size
Magnet Slug Count
Voice Coil Layers
Voice Coil Material
Copper (Pure Copper)
Voice Coil Impedance
Dual 2 Ω
T/S Parameters
23.3 n/a
32.1 Hz
Dual 2 Ω
471.4 cm2
0.11 mm/N
233.8 gr
35.4 L
25 mm (one-way)
87.1 dB
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Enclosure Disclaimer
Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Recommended Port Area
29.75 in²
Recommended Ported Volume
1.80 - 2.00 ft³
Recommended Sealed Volume
1.25 - 1.50 ft³
Recommended Tuning Frequency
33 Hz

Subwoofer Measurements
Total Height
Mounting Depth
Magnet Diameter
Outside Diameter

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Customer Reviews


Based on 498 reviews

  • 2-VXF12=BOOM!
    Reviewed on 8/10/2021 by Sam
    Verified Buyer
    2-VXF12 getting 3K at 4ohm. sealed up tight at about 1.4cu ft each w/poly-fill. F’ing loud and sound quality is amazing. Deep and Punchy!
  • Awesome Boom
    Reviewed on 4/27/2021 by Luis
    They are better than expected my shit bumps loud asf! Got everything looking at me when im cruising, i also bought the super bullet tweeters and they suck not loud and the sound th
  • The Bitches Is Bad And Bangin’
    Reviewed on 1/30/2021 by Sam
    Verified Buyer
    2-VXF D4 12”, they bad and get low. added 3-EVL D2 6.5” under the rear deck of 2-AB 8”, 2-AL 5.25”, and 1-PRV 4”. I’m runnin’ a Toro R5 on the 12s at 1 ohm and an R2 at 3 ohms on
  • Love The Sub
    Reviewed on 1/26/2021 by Justin
    Great sub
  • 2 12" VXF D4...WICKED!!!
    Reviewed on 12/20/2020 by Corey
    Verified Buyer
    So...I had single 12" Deaf Bonce Apocalypse (and I still love it btw) running on a Synergy Audio WFO 3.1D and swapped it out today for the 2 12" VXF D4 subs I got during the black
  • 2vxf 12s On A Rp3500
    Reviewed on 4/9/2020 by Justin
    Verified Buyer
    I got two of these bad boys in a custom ported box wired at 1ohm tuned @32 hrz and holy shit these things beat. Low end monster. I’m also running dual 250 amp alts and dual northst
  • 2 Vxf 12s Wired @1 Ohm On A Rp 3500
    Reviewed on 4/9/2020 by Justin
    Verified Buyer
    I have two vxf 12s on a rp 3500 in a custom ported box tuned at 32 hrz and holy shit these things bang. Low end monsters. I also have dual 250amp alts and dual northstar battery’s.
  • Just Wow.
    Reviewed on 12/1/2019 by Michael
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely recommend. This is my introductory platform in to the scene, and my goodness. I'm still breaking it in at about 700 watt, but even still in my box tuned at 34hz (which
  • Pics Of The Xfv In My Custom Box
    Reviewed on 12/25/2018 by Elijah
    Verified Buyer
    Love this sub in my stinger gt2 awd
  • Best Set Up
    Reviewed on 5/25/2022 by Zachary
    Verified Buyer
    The vxf12” in a ported box ran by the rp2000.1d @ 1ohm. This sub hits so hard it leaves a smile on my face every time I sit in my ride. I was 3 street down the road and my wife cou
  • 👍
    Reviewed on 1/2/2022 by Juan
    Verified Buyer
    Even though I'm still breaking in the sub the quality and sound is just amazing! I'm so happy of my perchance I would definitely recommend buying one or two if your looking for som
  • Awesome Subwoofers!!!
    Reviewed on 9/8/2021 by Jake
    Verified Buyer
    These things are beasts! They take alot of power with no issues. I replaced my EVL's with a set of these and wow!
  • These Love The Lows
    Reviewed on 2/21/2021 by Hillbilly
    Verified Buyer
    Daaaaammmnn these love low songs usually around 25herts and my car feels like it’s going to shake apart great on Freqs higher as well just my preference Big 3 on all zero gage 320
  • Can't Wait To Install!!!!
    Reviewed on 7/26/2020 by Shannon
    Verified Buyer
    Fast shipping speakers and amps came undamage
  • Holy Cow!!!!
    Reviewed on 12/25/2019 by Avery
    Verified Buyer
    I've got a blow through with 3 vxf 12's in my Dodge Ram crew cab. Powering them off an rp4500. These subs pound. By far one of the highest performing sub I've had. I just keep pus
  • Damn
    Reviewed on 9/19/2019 by parker
    Verified Buyer
    She’s big and built tough - sub is definitely comfortable with lows - the high end bass is there but a lot quieter sounds a lot like an Sundown X but when that low end drops pull u
  • Honest Review.
    Reviewed on 11/24/2018 by Allen
    Verified Buyer
    First the bad. After an inspection of the VXF-12 there were some cosmetic issues that I noticed. The dust cap wasn't put on straight and the tensile leads were not soldiered very w
  • I Have Owned These Subs For Over A Year Now. I Am Impressed.
    Reviewed on 5/12/2022 by Soyr
    Verified Buyer
    I purchased 2 of these subwoofers in February 2021, installed in an SK2x12V. Wired at 1 ohm, they have been ran full send daily on an RP3500 with full electrical; 350 amp Brand X a
  • Bass
    Reviewed on 4/17/2022 by spike0358
    Verified Buyer
    Haven't hooked them up yet, but my gosh, they are beast's!!beasts!!! Very good built, and heavy. Going to put them on a DFS JP23 at 1 ohm. After I break them in, will update revie
  • Just Installed
    Reviewed on 3/22/2022 by Miguel
    Verified Buyer
    I'm still breaking em in, but they hit hard for still being on medium level