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VX35-ST | 3.5" High Compression Titanium Bullet Tweeters - Pair

  • Engineered and designed in the USA by Skar Audio engineers, the VX35-ST are a high performance pair of 3.5-inch high compression titanium bullet tweeters that are conservatively rated at 500 watts max power. The bullet design of the tweeters combined with its powerful ferrite magnets allow them to deliver unparalleled loudness and sound clarity.

    Sold as a set of 2, these bullet style super tweeters are so powerful you might think you're in a concert hall when hearing them for the first time. In addition, each tweeter's positive connection terminal features an inline noise capacitor that eliminates out all low end frequencies that might otherwise harm the tweeters.

    RMS Power Handling 300 Watts (Pair)
    Peak Power Handling 500 Watts (Pair)
    Type 3.5" Titanium Bullet Super Tweeters
    • 3.5" High-Compression Titanium Bullet Super Tweeters
    • Sold as a Pair
    • Impedance: 4 Ω
    • 1" High Temperature Kapton Voice Coil
    • Die-Cast Aluminum Basket
    • High Flux Ferrite Magnet
    • In-line Capacitor Crossover (Attached to the positive terminal of each tweeter)
    • Warning: Extremely Loud
    RMS Power Handling 300 Watts (Pair)
    Peak Power Handling 500 Watts (Pair)
    Frequency Response 2.2 - 20 kHz
    Sensitivity 101 dB
  • Mounting Specifications
    Cut-out Diameter 2.75"
    Mounting Depth 2.10"
    Total Height 2.36"
    Outside Diameter 3.15"
  • Product media coming soon..


Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews

Very loud running 4 of these things with 4 fsx 6.5" and a pair of fsx8" on 2 rp 75.4 amps definitely worth the money. Just gotta have some patience for mounting these hoes

Great product

I love the look and the sound quality but the cutout dimensions are definitely off. At 2.75” the magnet didn’t even fit through. The second hole I cut was 3” and it still barely squeaked past angling one terminal in first. With the location of the terminals it’s pretty difficult to mount. The cutout really needing to be 3” and the mounting flange only 3.15” isn’t much room for error.

Loud and clear

Replaced my vx1-st with these and i think these sound way better and there cheaper! Got them paired with 2 fsx 6.5 on an rp 150. 4 along w a zvx 15 on an rp 4500 and all i can say is skar audio never disappoints shit bangs🔥

The skar 3.5 tweeters

not to bad 1 was dead on arrival contacted skar I ordered another set when I get them ill send the other set back and have as a back up

80 Monte Carlo

Got the interior done finally this build has taken awhile amp rack in trunk not done yet and glass is new so don’t have a video of it yet but will post one in the future

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