IX-12 | 12" 500 Watt Max Power Car Subwoofer

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Coil Configuration
The Skar Audio IX-12 D2 is a high performance 12-inch, dual 2-ohm component car subwoofer. The IX series makes for a great daily subwoofer, and was engineered to be extremely efficient and reliable, all while sounding great and getting down. Featuring a high temperature 2-inch copper voice coil and powerful single slug, ferrite magnet motor - this subwoofer can perform at peak levels for extended periods of time safely.
Punchy, responsive, and capable of getting low, this 10-inch subwoofer will work great in a variety of applications. Furthermore, it utilizes an advanced cooling structural design which optimizes performance even further. Last but not least comes the premium strength paper cone and high roll foam surround, which allow for the versatility of this driver to get nice and low while also being responsive.
Product Info
IX-12 D2
General Specifications
Car Subwoofer
Cone Type
Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
RMS Power
250 Watts
Peak Power
500 Watts
Surround Type
High Roll Foam Surround
Subwoofer Size
Voice Coil Size
Magnet Slug Count
Voice Coil Layers
Voice Coil Material
Copper (Pure Copper)
Voice Coil Impedance
Dual 2 Ω
T/S Parameters
11.9 n/a
35.4 Hz
Dual 2 Ω
510.0 cm2
0.19 mm/N
66.9 L
7.0 mm (one-way)
88.3 dB
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Enclosure Disclaimer
Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Recommended Port Area
25.0 in²
Recommended Ported Volume
2.00 ft³
Recommended Sealed Volume
1.25 ft³
Recommended Tuning Frequency
35 Hz

Subwoofer Measurements
Total Height
Mounting Depth
Magnet Diameter
Cut-out Diameter
Outside Diameter

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Customer Reviews


Based on 273 reviews

  • Fathers X-Mas Gift
    Reviewed on 5/4/2021 by Brandon
    My father wanted back in the audio game. I recommend these due to price point limits. Built an custom enclosure tuned to 34hz also did a bunch of extra stuff fir the build but let'
  • Impressive
    Reviewed on 8/2/2020 by Mathew
    Verified Buyer
    Have 2 matched with a alpine m500 in 4.5 cube box and tuned to 34 hertz. I never thought 500 rms could be this loud. Very impressed !
  • Impressed
    Reviewed on 3/24/2020 by Donald
    I have 3 dual 2 ohm subs on a taramps smart3 in a mini truck custom ported nerfed enclosure tuned to 32hz and they surprised the fuck out of me. I am upgrading to the evls next. I
  • Father & Son 16th Birthday Audio Project
    Reviewed on 4/22/2021 by Will
    Verified Buyer
    These speakers were a part of a bigger 16th birthday present - we also ordered the Skar 2x12" ported enclosure and the Skar 800.1 mono amplifier. Wow, it is awesome. This setup hit
  • IX12s
    Reviewed on 3/28/2021 by Christopher
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely a killer for the $$. Build boxes in my free time and the last two boxes have been amazing. Wasn’t expecting such good bass from these.
  • IX12s
    Reviewed on 2/18/2021 by Brian
    Verified Buyer
    They're asking me to review these subs on Feb 18th. To be honest, I have not installed these in my ride yet because it has been -20 outside. But, I received my purchase really fas
  • Great Bang For Your Buck.
    Reviewed on 10/30/2020 by Tyler
    Verified Buyer
    I absolutely love these subs. I finally made it thru the break in and cranked them up for the first time and I was blown away with how good these 4 $50 subs sound and they get way
  • 6ixd2 12s On 3k
    Reviewed on 7/26/2020 by Blozya
    Love the the way they hold the pressure thinking about 6 more LOL
  • 16 IX 12” 151.2 Db
    Reviewed on 3/31/2020 by Terry
    I am so impressed with how incredible these subwoofers perform running 2 RP2000.1d (8 per amp @ 1ohm each amp) 151.2 decibels SPL termlab measurement. 4th order wall, 1996 Jeep Che
  • Ix 12
    Reviewed on 8/21/2021 by Justin
    Verified Buyer
    One of the best 12s SKAR has for the price unbeatable definitely recommend it I put it in a random box that I had and it sounds great in my girls car it’s hard to see the rear view
  • These Things Hit !!
    Reviewed on 8/3/2021 by Mason
    These are badass no other way to put it they hit deep and shatter the mid bass couldn’t ask for anything better I had just one and thought this would be perfect with one more so
  • Ix12
    Reviewed on 5/28/2021 by Preston
    Verified Buyer
    Sounds great I installed it in a single cab 98 ford ranger box is 1.25 cubes after sub and port displacement
  • Amazing
    Reviewed on 5/19/2021 by Tyler
    Verified Buyer
    Best subs for the price upgraded to sdr 12 now amazing quality hands down
  • Every Product Is Awesome By Skar Audio
    Reviewed on 4/10/2021 by Grant
    Verified Buyer
    Fast delivery, superb equipment and clear quality sounds!
  • Not Your Usual Use
    Reviewed on 7/28/2020 by jmshark
    Verified Buyer
    Hello I bought 4 of this to make a BOSS platform for my home theater in a 2 ohm load. I have been testing it for a week and I love it. If you want to know more https://www.reddit.c
  • Great Budget Sub
    Reviewed on 3/23/2020 by Daniel
    Love these subs in custom made 4.7cubic foot box power by 2 JL audio e1200
  • Best Bang For The Buck
    Reviewed on 8/5/2019 by Chris
    Verified Buyer
    Couldn't ask for better Subs at that price point through two 12s in a custom ported box. I have to say for what they are they slam if you're on a budget I highly recommend them and
  • Beyond Satisfied
    Reviewed on 6/10/2019 by J.Smith
    Verified Buyer
    I purchased 2 of these in the encloser kit and was partially happy. Decided screw it ordered 2 more and built a ported enclosure. Tuned to 35hz and roughly 10.5 cubes. Subs love th
  • Best Bang For The Buck But If You Can Afford To Run More Wattage Go For The SDR 12’s.
    Reviewed on 6/10/2019 by Timothy
    Verified Buyer
    These subs are nice. I got 2 in a 1.8 cubes per cabnet prefab t-line tuned to 34hz, yes i know prefab ugh. But i work 2 jobs and go to college and havent had the time to build a bo
  • Purchased undefined Nov 26 2021
    Reviewed on 6/14/2022 by Ryan
    Verified Buyer
    I also purchased this sub bak in November. Now after adequate ND abusive use, having it play down to 28hz and still have a presence...I will admit it is why I'm skar all the way. L