EVL-10 | 10" 2,000 Watt Max Power Car Subwoofer

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Coil Configuration
The Skar Audio EVL-10 D2 10-inch dual 2-ohm subwoofer redefines the concept of low-end sound reproduction. The engineering that went into developing the EVL series is simply amazing, and it shows in the sound quality and performance that this subwoofer demonstrates. The EVL-10 can deliver incredibly accurate and powerful bass, due to a variety of unique, advanced design features that put this subwoofer in a class of its own.
Conservatively rated at 2,000 watts peak power, the EVL-10 D2 features a massive high flux, double stack ferrite motor structure - which delivers the driving force behind the tremoring lows this subwoofer can produce. Combine the motor with the black coated 3" high temperature voice coil of this driver, as well as the advanced air flow cooling design of the basket, and it quickly becomes evident why this woofer is capable of being played at the highest levels of output for hours on end.
Furthermore, the high roll foam surround incorporated into the design of this subwoofer is one of the reasons it can produce those ultra-low-end frequencies with such responsiveness. The suspension design of this subwoofer features the EVL's signature red, single damper, two-layer spider - which connects to the coil former with premium stitched lead wires. All these incredible features make this EVL subwoofer the unequivocal choice when looking for a high-quality car subwoofer.
Product Info
EVL-10 D2
General Specifications
Car Subwoofer
Cone Type
Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
RMS Power
1000 Watts
Peak Power
2000 Watts
Surround Type
Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
Subwoofer Size
Voice Coil Size
Magnet Slug Count
Voice Coil Layers
Voice Coil Material
Black Coated Copper (CCAW)
Voice Coil Impedance
Dual 2 Ω
T/S Parameters
20.9 n/a
44 Hz
Dual 2 Ω
314.1 cm2
0.048 mm/N
258.6 gr
6.8 L
23.5 mm (one-way)
82.1 dB
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Enclosure Disclaimer
Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Recommended Port Area
22.0 in²
Recommended Ported Volume
1.75 - 2.00 ft³
Recommended Sealed Volume
1.25 - 1.50 ft³
Recommended Tuning Frequency
40 Hz

Subwoofer Measurements
Total Height
Mounting Depth
Magnet Diameter
Cut-out Diameter
Outside Diameter

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Customer Reviews


Based on 206 reviews

  • My Kickass Subs
    Reviewed on 3/7/2020 by kenneth
    Verified Buyer
    Ok got my box finished and my amp board done going to put it all in as soon as I get my explorer out of the shop lol I will post more pics as soon as I put it back in , lol did not
  • 10 Evel D2
    Reviewed on 12/9/2019 by Timothy
    Verified Buyer
    Nice and low bass
  • Make Good Noise, No Vc Smells
    Reviewed on 10/24/2021 by Deake
    Verified Buyer
    Running 3 skar evl-10" subs series to parallel on a skar skv2-3500.1 @ 1.33ohm The box is a common chamber unit @ 6³' gross volume and somthing like 4.8³' net volume Tuned to 32.5
  • Awesome!
    Reviewed on 9/19/2021 by K
    Verified Buyer
    Bought this to replace a power acoustik mofo 10 that I was always disappointed in since I bought it. Using the same pioneer 1200w rms amp wired at 1 ohm in the same box with slight
  • Skar Evl 10's
    Reviewed on 5/13/2020 by Will
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely Love Them. I Have yr he Rp2000.1 Amp, But I Know Their Itching for More Power. Best Set of Speakers I Ever Owned. Now I Have My Neighbor Going Skar, My Wife and a Couple
  • 10" Sub
    Reviewed on 4/19/2022 by Nik
    Verified Buyer
    This sub handles great with a 1 ohm load
  • Can't Wait To Put It In My Truck
    Reviewed on 3/13/2021 by Christopher
    Verified Buyer
    just ordered it 3 days ago stin not sure if I need one or 2 for my truck but shes heavy and so amazed by the reviews thus far will update once I install
  • Skar Evl 10s
    Reviewed on 3/3/2021 by Dre
    Verified Buyer
    Have 2 of these in a Keith Saunders built kerf port enclosure tuned to 32hz on a Skv2 3500.1 and literally cracked my front windshield. These this with the right electrical are ri
  • Amazing
    Reviewed on 3/2/2021 by Joseph
    Verified Buyer
    Love this thing it straight slams in a 1.5 ported box most impressive 10” I have heard in a long time
  • Pretty Impressed
    Reviewed on 2/8/2021 by Payton
    Verified Buyer
    I upgraded from a DS18 SW12S4 and it is a very large difference in power, will definetly be buying from skar again
  • EVL-10
    Reviewed on 11/22/2020 by Nick
    Verified Buyer
    Just purchased my first EVL 10s , I have owned every brand except the DNRs and EVLs are my favorite. My last build did a 154 dB in the kick , 2-EVL 15s My current build is doing
  • Awesome Sound And Quality!!!
    Reviewed on 5/11/2020 by Jason
    Verified Buyer
    Definately above and beyond wwhati had hoped for. I got 2 10in evl series subs n a 2000 rms amp. Everything all skar audio. Their in my 02 silverado. Sounds amazing. Adding a rockv
  • Best BANG For Your Hard Earned Money
    Reviewed on 4/19/2020 by RocketGTI
    Verified Buyer
    Looks, sounds & is priced amazing. Best route to go if you’re not looking to go fancy and expensive. I always get compliments on how it looks and sounds and best part NO ONE suspec
  • Evl 10" In A 4th Order
    Reviewed on 1/17/2020 by kevin
    Verified Buyer
    Purchased this who 10" for my wifes van put it in a 4th order birch box on a 2400w hifonics amp and still on low power breaking it in sounds amazing! Cant wait to crank some more p
    Reviewed on 8/22/2019 by Gregorio
    Verified Buyer
    I got 2 SKAR EVL 10s Dvc4. Hooked up to an old school MTX THUNDER 942 amp. This is a true power amp at about 1000 watts. I am currently breaking them in and they're LOUD & HIT HAR
  • Dope
    Reviewed on 11/15/2021 by Eric
    Verified Buyer
    Wired to 2 ohms running 800w off a rp1200 for break in, in a 4th order. I have a smart 3 that will go in once I upgrade power. My 3rd set up w skar and this is my loudest. Very imp
  • Thumps
    Reviewed on 9/20/2021 by Kris
    Verified Buyer
    So far it thumps pretty good with the 1500 watt amp, Had to build a larger box. Definitely need to do electrical upgrades to my little 95 Mazda Mx3.
  • Skar Evl 10’s
    Reviewed on 8/8/2021 by Benji
    Verified Buyer
    Skar Evl 10’s on a Rp-2000 in a Dodge Charger, stock electrical