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10-Gauge Elite Series Max-Flex (OFC) Speaker Wire - Blue/White

  • Skar Audio's elite series, oxygen-free, 99.9% pure copper, (OFC) speaker wire is the go-to choice when looking for the absolute best possible wire for your system. This 10-gauge, true to spec (AWG), soft touch, max flex, speaker wire is unrivaled in quality and performance - delivering maximum current flow across 294 individual strands of thick copper wire.

    Quick Facts
    Type Oxygen-free Copper (OFC)
    Size 10-Gauge (AWG)
    Length 30 Feet
    Strand Count 294 x 0.15mm

    Furthermore, our elite series speaker wire also features a tin coating surrounding the OFC copper - which improves it's versatility and helps to protect the copper wire from elements of nature. Then there is the soft touch, matte finish, two color (blue/white), pvc jacket covering the wire - which is not only visually attractive, but makes the cable flexible and a pleasure to work with during installation.

  • Specifications
    Type Speaker Wire
    Wire Material Oxygen-Free Copper
    Coating Material Tinned Aluminum for Corrosion Resistance
    Gauge Size 10-Gauge (AWG)
    Length 30 Feet
    Strand Count 0.15mm x 294 Strands
    Polarity Identifiers Yes (Wire Jacket)
    Jacket Colors Blue/White
    Model Info
    UPC 810028810990
  • Coming Soon..

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Sam Loftin
Best speaker wire available

Best on the market for the price. True gauge spec, Tinned OFC, flexible, easily stripped, quality, beautiful blue/white soft matte finish. Of course it’s good stuff… it’s SKAR AUDIO… “NUFF SAID”

John Pacella
This ish slaps

Wired in to my home loud speaker system and holy Jesus these towers got brought to life. I could hear a clear difference between the previous set of 16 gauge wire and this 10 gauge oxygen free set. Clearer, more clean headroom, and my subs were ripping. Thank you for your quality products

Sean E Corbin
Buy the wire

Why buy cheap mickey mouse wire, one stop shop at SKAR!

Francisco Jaramillo
Great product.

Looks and works great. Easy to identify and visually appealing. Definitely better than the 16 gauge pre-soldered wire.
The flexibility is one major plus.

Bryan S.
Super high quality speaker wire, a much needed upgrade for my system

I had just recently upgraded my system and was using some cheap store bought brand speaker wire and as I was playing music the wire started to heat up with a bunch of power running through it, then I bought the skar speaker wire and installed that and it suprised me how much power I was losing to heat on the old cheap wire, skar wire looks awesome but also takes the power being pushed through it like a champ, can’t recommend anything better.

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