Single 18" Vented Subwoofer Enclosure with 1" MDF Baffle with Black Carpet Finish

MSRP: $ 189.99 $ 99.99
  • Skar Audio Single 18" Vented Subwoofer Enclosure with Black Carpet Finish - Angle View
Skar Audio Single 18 Skar Audio Single 18 Skar Audio Single 18 Skar Audio Single 18 Skar Audio Single 18

Single 18" Vented Subwoofer Enclosure with 1" MDF Baffle with Black Carpet Finish

MSRP: $ 189.99 $ 99.99
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Skar Audio designed this custom built, heavy duty, 18-inch subwoofer enclosure to be the perfect match for allowing your subwoofer to hit the deepest lows all while producing the best sound quality possible. Built in the USA, this single 18-inch universal fit vented sub box is a monster, featuring a missive 4.25-inch slot port tuned at 31.2 Hz and total gross volume of over 5.35 cubic ft. Constructed out of premium MDF, this enclosure features a heavy duty design with it's 1" front baffle, with the remainder of the enclosure being constructed out of 3/4" MDF for maximum strength.


Furthermore, the vented design of this enclosure allows your subwoofer to reproduce extremely low, deep, and responsive bass. This enclosure is hand-built in the USA, making it's strength, durability, and quality unprecedented. Featuring a black carpeted finish, it not only sounds exceptional, but will look great in your vehicle as well. Most 18" drivers are compatible in this universal enclosure, which features a subwoofer mounting hole cut-out of 16.75", and a mounting depth of 17.50". Outer box dimensions are 32" Wide x 22" Deep x 21" High.


Enclosure Specifications

  • Skar Audio Enclosure Model: SKENC18VENTED-BLK
  • Single 18" Vented (Ported) Unloaded Subwoofer Enclosure Box
  • Features a Heavy Duty 1" MDF Front Baffle
  • Remainder of the Enclosure is constructed with 3/4" MDF Wood
  • Features a Premium Black Carpeted Finish
  • High Quality Gold Plated Spring Loaded Terminal Cup
  • Universal Fit Design - Most 18" Subwoofers Fit
  • Internal Air Space: 5.35 Cubic Ft
  • Massive 4.25" Wide Slot Port Design for Maximum Bass
  • Subwoofer Mounting Depth: 17.50"
  • Subwoofer Mounting Diameter (Cut-out): 16.75"
  • Enclosure Tuning Frequency: 31.2 Hz
  • Outer Box Dimensions: 32" Wide x 22" Deep x 21" High

Customer Reviews

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Quality products

Arrived fast and was better than I expected

Quality control

I bought my enclosure through Amazon, but Skar was the seller. Arrived in mostly good condition, but just a cardboard box wrapped around the enclosure with zero protection. The "premium black carpeted finish" kind of looks like someone was in a hurry to get done for the day or something. But it's solid, fits my EVL18D2, and hits 27hz at -2dB. I guess that's what counts.

Arrived but damaged.

well I received the box on time but due to my surprise when I open the cardboard box there was nothing but the prefab box inside a cardboard box like no protection styrofoam or anything. So basically the prefab box came to me damaged pretty much broken. I haven't hooked up the subwoofer up yet so I'm not sure how it's going to affect the sound. But one thing I can say is the customer support service is fantastic. Within a couple of days they sorted out the issue. I received a full refund for the prefab box and was allowed to keep it.

Bad ass sub

If you don’t buy a skar befor anything els you don’t know the supreme sound that is the perfect sub

Worth every penny.

This box gets low and loud!