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SK-SW8A | 8" 150 Watt Compact Powered Active Low Profile Under-Seat Car Subwoofer

  • The Skar Audio SK-SW8A is a premium all-in-one solution for easily adding aftermarket bass to any vehicle without taking up a lot of space. This compact amplified 8" powered subwoofer was designed to be extremely versatile, allowing users with space limitations to finally add high performance low end frequency response to their sound stage.

    Engineered with a focus on performance, useability, and ease of install, the SK-SW8A powered subwoofer is in a class of it's own. Utilizing a high quality, built-in, class D amplifier - this active enclosure is able to deliver riveting bass without all of the headache or bulkiness that comes with a typical subwoofer install.

    Quick Facts
    Type 8" Powered/Amplified Subwoofer System
    Fit Type Slim & Compact / Under-Seat
    Power Handling 150 Watts
    Frequency Response 15 Hz - 250 Hz

    Installing this subwoofer system is a breeze thanks to all of the connections being located on one side of the unit. Starting with the low level RCA and speaker level connections, you have full control over how to source the input signal. From there, the unit features 8 gauge (power, ground, and remote turn-on) terminal inputs, ensuring that you can use premium grade wire to deliver ideal current to the built-in amplifier.

    Ease of use is also evident in this powered subwoofer solution, featuring a smart turn-on circuit that will sense audio signal is present and turn the unit on (and off) automatically, if desired. Also included in the box is a remote bass level knob (and wire), so you can easily control the volume of the subwoofer no matter where it is located in your vehicle.

    Paramount to the other features already listed, this powered subwoofer features an easy to use control panel interface with settings that will let you dial in your new system exactly as desired. Utilizing switches for phase, auto-on, and input selection - and variable adjustment controls for level, bass boost, and low pass frequency. Last but not least, we include an extensive list of mounting accessory hardware to help you secure the unit during installation.

  • General
    Enclosure Type Powered Subwoofer System
    Fit Type Slim & Compact / Under-Seat
    Amplifier Built-in Yes
    Internal Subwoofer Size 8"
    Peak Power Output 150 Watts
    RMS Power Output 130 Watts
    Frequency Response 15 Hz - 250 Hz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio >90dB
    Input Signal Types RCA and Speaker Level
    Auto Turn-On Technology Yes
    Speaker Level Input Adapter Included Yes
    Variable Bass Boost 0 dB - 12 dB @ 47 Hz
    Variable Low Pass Filter 50 Hz - 250 Hz
    Phase Control 0 - 180 Degrees
    External Fuse Rating 20 Amp
    Power / Ground / Remote Input Terminals 8 Gauge
    Power on LED Yes
    Protection LED Yes
    Built-in Protection Thermal, Overload, and Short
    Remote Bass Level Control & Wire Included? Yes
    Installation Accessories & Hardware Included? Yes
  • Product Dimensions
    Length 13.8125"
    Width 9.75"
    Height 3.125"
    Height 3.125"
    Weight 11.60 Pounds

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