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Dual 10" 2,400 Watt SDR Series Complete Subwoofer Package with Vented Enclosure and Amplifier

  • Skar Audio designed and put together this complete bass package to deliver powerful, deep, and tight bass in an all-in-one competition-grade system. This package features a SDR-2X10D4 dual 10" loaded ported subwoofer enclosure, a RP-1500.1D monoblock amplifier, as well as a Skar Audio 4 Gauge OFC Amplifier Wiring kit to install your new system. Everything you need to get exceptional bass in your vehicle today is included in this package.

    The custom enclosure used in this package was engineered by Skar Audio specifically for the subwoofers that are loaded in it, ensuring perfect sound and compatibility. The enclosure features a unique kerf port and split chamber woofer design, allowing for extreme levels of bass output. Furthermore, the enclosure is finished in premium grade black carpet for a sleek appearance and features the Skar Audio logo in white on the top surface of the box.

    Quick Facts
    Peak Power Handling 2,400 Watts
    Enclosure Configuration Dual - 10"
    Included Amplifier Skar Audio RP-1500.1D
    Included Amp Kit 4 Gauge OFC Complete Kit
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω

    The subwoofers come pre-wired and loaded inside of the enclosure allowing for an easy and hassle free installation. The dual 4-ohm subwoofers are wired up inside of the enclosure so that the final impedance load is configured for 1-ohm at the terminals (one terminal cup only.)

  • Enclosure Specifications
    Enclosure Type Dual - 10" Vented (SDR-2X10D4)
    Fit Type x2 SDR-10 D4 Subwoofers (Pre-Loaded)
    Enclosure Style Wedge Design
    Port Type Kerf Style (Maximum Bass)
    Enclosure Feature Double Baffle - Countersunk Design
    Enclosure Finish Premium Black Carpet
    Wood Thickness & Material 5/8" MDF
    Front Baffle Thickness 1.25"
    Internal Air Space of Enclosure 2.80 ft3
    Tuning Frequency of Enclosure 36 Hz
    Push Terminal Location Left Side of Enclosure (one terminal cup only)
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω
    Amplifier Specifications
    Model Name Skar Audio RP-1500.1D Monoblock
    RMS Power at 1 Ω 1,500W x 1 Ch (14.4v)
    Peak Power at 1 Ω 2,300W x 1 Ch (14.4v)
    Power Supply High-Speed MOSFET
    Power & Ground Input Size 4 Gauge
    Remote Bass Knob and Cable Included Yes
    Amp Kit Specifications
    Model Name SKAR4ANL-OFC 4 Gauge OFC Complete Kit
    ANL Fuse Size 120 Amp - Fuse Holder Included
    Power Cable 17 ft - 4 AWG OFC Matte Blue
    Ground Cable 3 ft - 4 AWG OFC Matte White
    Speaker Wire 20 ft - 16 Gauge OFC Matte Blue/White
    RCA Interconnect Cable 17 ft - 2-Channel Blue Twisted Pair
    Remote Turn-on Wire 17 ft - OFC Matte Blue
    Flex Loom Tubing 3 ft - Black
    Accessories Ring/Ground Terminals & Vinyl Cable Ties Included
  • Performance
    RMS Power 1,200 Watts
    Peak Power 2,400 Watts
    Frequency Response 28 - 300 Hz
    Sensitivity (SPL) 82.5 dB
    Enclosure External Dimensions
    Width 34.50"
    Depth 1 (Bottom) Front to Back 15.25"
    Depth 2 (Top) Front to Back 13.25"
    Height 12.50"

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Better than expected. These hit hard! Excellent quality!

Wow these are better than expected. These 10s hit hard almost like 12s..Seems to take everything i give them. Shakes my eyes with some music and rattles my car with the rest...Love it..The amp is solid and clean and never overloads..Box is heavy and built well. Looks great! My only real complaint would be about the wiring kit. The included remote wire was way to small to be held in good by the amps set screw. And the included 16 gauge speaker wire just seems to small to deliver all this power to the speakers..So that was upgraded..This system is built well and worth what i paid..Ive spent more for less on name brand equipment that did not perform as well as this Skar Audio setup..Will not hesitate to purchase again when needed for my next ride..

Great Product, reliable can not believe got it so CHEAP!

Sounds awesome, looks great, shipped and recieved in 3 days, wish I bought the 4 channel all at once! Very loud I haven't had 10's hit that hard and that deep! Will be buying more product!

Raised expectation

I installed this bass package in my 2014 4 door jeep wrangler. The performance of this system at only half power is well beyond what I was expecting. Amazing quality, simple installation. Absolutely everything that was needed from start to finish was supplied.


I ordered these subs just becausw i didnt kno what to really expect and didnt want to go all out on the kit i wanted for myself not ever having heard of skar so i didnt want to take the risk... so i figured id grab this just to see how it hits and would be put into my girlfriends car if it last.. all i can say is much better than i expected. Im gonna use this till about mid summer then grab the 2- 12 kit i wanted. More than worth it!


I work out of town and had to wait 2 weeks before i could do the install. All my speakers in my truck are now Skar except my 6x9s in the rear. I ordered the loaded bass package two sdr 10s in a ported box with 1500.1d amp. I decided to buy a bigger wiring kit so the 4 gauge kit wasnt used. I was very impressed with the whole setup. After the install and double checks of all electricals i got to turn it up a little. Ive had alot of subwoofers in alot of different cars and these two 10s surprised me. Every person ive let listen to it cant believe its only two 10s. I ordered and installed two tk 4inch front speakers and tweeters. The sound quality is 10/10. Very clean sound with plenty of bass. Getting amp professional tuned when i get back in town. Skar makes great quality products!!

1984 Toyota Xtra Cab Pickup
Optima Yellow Top
Sky High 1/0 Big 3 1/0 power and ground
RCA Headunit
Skar TK 4inch fronts
Skar TWS-01 tweeters
Skar SDR 10 inch subwoofer (2)
Skar 1500.1d Amplier
Kicker DS 6x9 in sealed box (2) most likely replaced with Skar soon

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