RP-75.4AB | 4-Channel Car Amplifier

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  • RP-75.4AB | 4-Channel Car Amplifier

RP-75.4AB | 4-Channel Car Amplifier

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Skar Audio RP-75.4AB is a powerful, efficient, and highly reliable four channel class ab full-range car amplifier. Capable of powering multiple sets of component, pro audio, or coaxial speakers, it packs the power that will allow you to get loud and let your speakers come alive. Featuring a high speed mosfet power supply as well as 4-way protection circuitry, the amplifier will operate at maximum performance and also be protected. With a depth of adjustable user controls such as the gain, lpf, hpf, crossover, and bass eq, this amplifier is extremely versatile and can be used in so many applications. It's class ab circuitry design allows it to reproduce extremely clean output for the best possible sound in your vehicle.


  • Skar Audio RP-75.4AB Multichannel Amplifier
  • Class AB 4 Channel Amplifier
  • 4 Way Protection Circuitry : Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC
  • RMS Power @ 2 Ohm : 115 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 75 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power @ 4 Ohms (Bridged) : 230 Watts x 2 Channels (14.4v)
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • Soft Turn on Circuit
  • Tri-Mode Capable / Bridgeable
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz~20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio : 105dB
  • Low Pass Filter (Variable) : 50Hz~500Hz
  • High Pass Filter (Variable) : 20Hz~5kHz
  • 8 Gauge Power and Ground Terminals
  • Working Voltage : 8.5V-14.4V
  • Fuse Rating : 60Amp
  • Dimensions : 19-1/4" (Length) x 7" (Width) x 3" (Height)