FSX10 | 10" 400 Watt Mid-Range Loudspeaker

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The FSX10-4 is a powerful 10-inch, 4 Ohm, pro audio mid-range loudspeaker. Featuring a vented back plate design for increased thermal cooling, as well as a high temperature 1.5-inch copper voice coil, this speaker is capable of operating at the loudest volumes very efficiently.
Conservatively rated at 200 watts RMS power, and 400 watts max power, the FSX10 features an impressive 33 oz ferrite magnet, which provides the driving force behind the crisp and clear sound that is output by these speakers. When looking for a pro audio mid-range speaker, the FSX series is the obvious choice; combining power, sound clarity, and reliability.
Product Info
General Specifications
Mid-Range Loudspeaker
RMS Power
200 Watts
Peak Power
400 Watts
95.8 dB
Sold As Pair
Speaker Size
Magnet Material
Voice Coil Size
Frequency Response
50 Hz - 5,000 Hz
Voice Coil Impedance
Single 4 Ω
General Specifications
Total Height
Mounting Depth
Magnet Diameter
Cut-out Diameter
Outside Diameter
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Customer Reviews


Based on 121 reviews

  • FSX 10
    Reviewed on 6/24/2020 by Jose
    Verified Buyer
    Great speakers for the price. I love them.
  • SKAR Is 👍 👍 Hands Down!
    Reviewed on 2/24/2020 by VICTOR
    Verified Buyer
    I just got done with my Sound System build on my Polaris Slingshot and i used all SKAR Equipment and let me tell you I ❤ it 😊 . . You have a Great Product Skar , keep up the Great
  • Awesome Product
    Reviewed on 3/31/2020 by Brien
    Verified Buyer
    These are great little mids. My mother inlaw needed hers replaced so I bought these figuring out she wanted quality over anything and knowing Skar's quality has never let me down,
  • Loud And Clear
    Reviewed on 7/24/2020 by Kobe
    Verified Buyer
    Have two installed in each front door with the vx3.5 tweeters sounds amazing on the rp150.4 highly recommend skar audio also have the 8s in my rear window system sounding so good j
  • Best Bang For The Buck
    Reviewed on 4/6/2022 by Elliott
    Verified Buyer
    Installed 8 of these along with skar compression horns and tweeters. Trust me the sound was phenomenal. I've been a installer for 20+ years and I've seen more expensive brands fall
  • Outstanding
    Reviewed on 6/27/2019 by Avery
    Verified Buyer
    Bought these to go in my rear doors and the sound is amazing highly recommend and handle the power with no problems will be ordering two more soon for the front doors
  • Null
    Reviewed on 10/23/2018 by Justin
    I have 4 10's in the back of my jeep and 3 6.5's in ea door. They are loud and clear! If your trying to figure out the what speakers will sound great and are affordable look no fur
  • Null
    Reviewed on 5/18/2022 by Brian
    Verified Buyer
    The sound amazing I would definitely refer them to people
  • Great Sound
    Reviewed on 3/26/2022 by Elton
    Verified Buyer
    Put 2 of these mid range speakers in my set up and they hit hard I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone but you have to have the right set up going on ..
  • Love Skar!
    Reviewed on 12/6/2021 by james
    Verified Buyer
    Sound amazing
  • Fsx10
    Reviewed on 9/18/2021 by Louie
    Verified Buyer
    Great mid range speakers. Really have a nice little kick, I set them up in my chucheros & have no complaints.
  • Pretty Good
    Reviewed on 5/5/2021 by Nicholas
    Verified Buyer
    I recently swapped my 4 RPx69 with 4 fsx 10", to go along with my 4 fsx 6.5" I have these 8 ran on a jbl 804ez at 4ohm, sound great but still not quite competing with the competiti
  • Misleading Power Rating
    Reviewed on 2/27/2021 by Solomon
    Verified Buyer
    I bought a FSX10 4OHM and it is rated 200 rms here online. Why does mine say 150 rms?
  • In Love....
    Reviewed on 12/14/2020 by Santiago
    Verified Buyer
    These are by far my favorite mid-ranges.... I would highly recommend these for the price and performance it's worth it.... Cuzz took a video from about 1/4 of a mile away....
  • LOUD
    Reviewed on 11/10/2020 by Cameron
    Verified Buyer
    these mid high 10s are loud and handle their power, i would recommend these in any system.
  • Loud & Clear
    Reviewed on 9/13/2020 by Jose
    Verified Buyer
    I am very satisfied! 2 10s & 2 8s.
  • Loud And Clear
    Reviewed on 7/28/2020 by Jose
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent product,nice and clean sound... Costumer service great and fast nothing to complain And I would like to do a project
  • Amazing
    Reviewed on 6/6/2020 by Chris
    I love these speakers ! These are super loud and amazing quality. If you are building a churchero with a budget, trust me these speakers will get the job done and break people neck
  • My Thoughts On These
    Reviewed on 4/22/2020 by Bassbrothers
    Verified Buyer
    These 10” skar mids looks great has a lot of mid bass and the sound quality is amazing I have them on my bike and they get loud I have videos on my instagram @bassbrothers
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