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FAQ (Old)

Thank you for visiting Skar Audio's official website. This section covers frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. We have taken our time and answered the most frequent questions asked. If you do not see your question feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to answer it for you.


Q: How do I become a authorized Skar Audio dealer?
A: Visit our homepage at www.skaraudio.com and then scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click the link "Become a Dealer" and follow the instructions.
Q: An item I am interested in purchasing is out of stock, if I backorder it, when can I expect to receive it?
A: Here at Skar Audio we do our best to keep all items in stock and available for purchase at all times. However, with the rapid growth we have experienced, certain items are bound to run out of stock at times. The best advice we can offer is to place a backorder for the item. This will reserve the item for you as well as ensure that you are the FIRST to receive the item when it does come back in stock. Estimated ETAs can be found on specific product pages by hovering your mouse over the "Click to Backorder" button or by clicking on the following link: Backorder Report.
Q: Are warranties transferable?
A:  No. Our warranties are not transferrable however, if the original purchaser is available to process the warranty; it can be done under the purchasing information of that original buyer in their name and with their shipping address.
Q: The site said that my order didn't go through but the funds were taken from my account. How do I get my money back?
A: We apologize for the inconvenience. As a fraud protection measure; our system "locks" the funds for 48 hours (holidays may affect this time period) and then releases them back to your financial institution. On most occasions your financial institution sees this as a basic refund of funds and handles it accordingly. Please contact your financial institution to inquire about the processing time for transactions done online.
Q: If I purchase multiple products, can I receive a discount or package pricing?
A: We appreciate your support and patronage. We pride ourselves on keeping a low overhead and being mindful of our operating costs in order to offer the lowest rock bottom pricing on our high quality products. Because of this, we cannot modify pricing in order to custom build a package for individual customers.
Q: What qualifies for free shipping?
A: Orders over $50.00 USD prior to tax will receive free standard shipping within the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible for free shipping, and will receive a rate for shipping on all orders, regardless of amount, that is calculated at time of the order. International orders do not qualify for free shipping. International shipments that are subject to any additional duties & import fees required by the destination country are the sole responsibility of the customer and should be considered prior to completing an order.
Q: Are Skar Audio amplifiers 0.5 Ohm Stable?
A: Skar Audio amplifiers are not .5 Ohm stable. Running your amplifier at this Ohm load can cause irreversible damage as well as void your warranty. This amp is 1 ohm stable min.
Q: Why does my amp have 2 positive (+) and 2 negative (-) outputs?
A: Both of the positive terminals connect to one positive terminal on the board within the amplifier and both of the negative terminals connect to one negative terminal on the board within the amplifier.
Q: What is the difference between the Version 1 and Version 2 SK Series amplifiers?
A:  The most notable difference between the SKv1 and the SKv2 series of amplifiers is the new style heat sink found on the SKv2 that, not only has been designed to be easily custom fitted in a trim panel or amp rack, but also provides the SKv2 with better cooling distribution. This allows for more installation options and smoother power handling. The new SKv2 series also has upgraded components on the same board that is found in the SKv1. This allows the SKv2 to provide you with a more robust experience and sound. The last, and most popular addition to the SKv2 was actually made to the bass knob. There has been a clipping indicator light installed in the SKv2 bass knob.
Q: How do I reset my amplifier's protection circuitry?
A: To take your SKAR Audio amplifier out of "protection mode" you will have to complete disconnect all wiring that is going into the unit. This include the remote wire, RCA's, speaker wire and both the ground and power wire. The unit will have to sit, completely disconnected, for several hours.
Q: Where can I get my amplifier repaired if I bought it used or it it was blown for reasons out of your warranty policy?
A: Skar Audio does not service or repair amplifiers in house at our facility, however we have certified a thirty party vendor by the name of Amp Medics to help facilitate and take care of our customer's repair needs. Amp Medics operates independently of Skar Audio and will quote you for your repair independently as well, so please feel free to reach out to them if you are in need of their services using their contact information below.


Amp Medics
C/O Steve 
12121 Little Rd #298
Hudson, FL 34667
Phone: (727) 919-6793


Q: How do I properly break-in my Skar Audio subwoofer?
A:  To begin you will want to make sure that the settings on your radio are flat or at zero. You should never have to use “bass boost” or “loudness” with a properly tuned system so please keep these settings off. You can definitely use the subwoofer level on your radio for fine tuning. You’ll want to get your system tuned to a good sounding level that is loud but with no distortion or popping. Take your time. Listen carefully to the sound being produced by the subwoofer(s). Once you have found your ideal level, drop your settings (gain) to half of that. For instance, if you are at half gain, drop it down to a quarter gain. This is your “break in” setting. You will want to keep these settings for the first 24 to 36 hours of actual play time on the new subwoofer(s). We find that it is usually about a week of regular music listening in a daily driven vehicle. After those initial 24 to 36 hours; you can retune your system back up to the original setting. Your subwoofer(s) is now broken in and ready. NOTE* this is the absolute simplest explanation of only one method to break in your new Skar Audio subwoofer(s). There are much more involved methods that require specialized tools but, this method is a basic suggestion. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Q:  What type of enclosure is better? Sealed or ported?
A:  The difference between a sealed enclosure and a ported, or vented, enclosure is a highly debated discussion. The best I can do is to say that it is mostly a matter of opinion. However, I can tell you that if you want a more "punchy" sound, you would want a sealed enclosure. A sealed enclosure allows for the subwoofer to "recover" quickly between hits and produces a sound that is more "clean" and instant. Think rock, blues and jazz. A ported/vented enclosure is going to give you more of a loose feel with the bass note and provide you with more of that rolling sound that is popular in rap, hip-hop, pop and electronic dance music. So, it is largely a matter of what you prefer. But, do not feel like one or the other cannot handle all of the bass notes provided by a wide range of music. That is to say; a sealed enclosure can still sound amazing playing rap music and a ported/vented enclosure can still sound amazing playing rock music. It is as much about the design and build as it is about which one you decide to go with.
Q:  How long long does the warranty last on my Skar Audio subwoofer?
A:  Your Skar Audio subwoofer comes with a 2-year manufacture warranty. For more information on your warranty click the following link: https://www.skaraudio.com/pages/warranty-policy
Q:  What is the difference between the VVX-8v3 and the MA-8 series subwoofers?
A:  These two series have some similarities, like the RMS power and 8" size of the driver, however the MA-8 is geared towards digital bass (R&B,Rap and Techno) and the VVX-8v3 is more of a musical driver (instrumental).
Q:  Does the EVL Series have a copper coil?
A:  This Series does have a copper coil.
Q:  Is the new VXF series for SQL or SPL?
A:  The easiest way to explain where they belong in our line-up is right between the EVL series and the ZVX series. The VXF are the perfect "in between" subwoofer. It's powerful enough and well-built enough to function as a very capable SPL subwoofer but exact enough and balanced enough to serve as a vital part of an SQ system. With a Frequency Response of 30 - 500 Hz it is capable of hitting the lows required for SPL and the higher notes clearly for SQ. It truly is the "everyday" subwoofer.