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2017 Maserati Ghibli S - Photo Gallery

Skar Audio's inside team of veteran installers perform a complete transformation of this 2017 Maserati Ghibli S's base sound system. The entire upgrade was documented by way of an extensive photo log and we are excited to share it with you below.


This vehicle had only the most very basic factory audio system (which is notoriously known for being dreadful from the manufacturer), and so every part of it needed to come out and be upgraded. Leading the install was Shane N., our head of product and design. The end result envisioned for this vehicle's system was to keep a clean and (somewhat) factory look inside the car, all while having that "turn your head" exhilaratingly incredible sound.


Due to the extensive amount of pictures taken during the process of this install, we have broken up the different sections of the vehicle's build log into sub-galleries below. This should make overall navigation a bit easier.



Front Doors



Front Doors (continued..)



Rear Doors



Trunk - Sound Deadening



Trunk - Wiring and Batteries



Trunk - Subwoofer Enclosure Assembly



Trunk - Trim Panel



Trunk - ZVX-12v2 Install



Trunk - Amplifier Rack Assembly


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