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Single 8" 700 Watt SDR Series Loaded Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

MSRP: $ 179.99

  • Skar Audio engineered the SDR-1X8D2 single 8-inch loaded vented subwoofer enclosure as a simplified solution to add a competition-grade subwoofer system in your vehicle. This loaded subwoofer enclosure features one of our powerful SDR-8 D2 700 watt max power 8-inch subwoofers, which arrives pre-loaded and wired up inside of the custom single 8" vented enclosure. The enclosure features a unique kerf port design, allowing for extreme levels of bass output and sound accuracy. Furthermore, the enclosure is finished in premium grade black carpet for a sleek appearance and features the Skar Audio logo in white on the top surface of the box. The subwoofer comes pre-wired and loaded inside of the enclosure allowing for an easy and hassle free installation. The dual 2-ohm subwoofer is wired up inside of the enclosure so that the final impedance load is configured for 1-ohm at the terminals.

    Quick Facts
    RMS Power Handling 350 Watts
    Peak Power Handling 700 Watts
    Enclosure Configuration Single - 8"
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω

    This enclosure was engineered by Skar Audio specifically for the subwoofer that is loaded in it, ensuring perfect sound and compatibility. Every subwoofer is different, and when buying a loaded enclosure it is so critical to ensure that the subwoofer and enclosure are an ideal match, or you will lose sound quality and output. With this loaded subwoofer enclosure model, all of those concerns are eliminated, making it easier than ever to add powerful aftermarket bass to your vehicle.

  • General Specifications
    Enclosure Type Single - 8" Vented
    Fit Type x1 SDR-8 D2 Subwoofer (Pre-Loaded)
    Enclosure Style Wedge Design
    Port Type Kerf Style (Maximum Bass)
    Enclosure Feature Double Baffle - Countersunk Design
    Enclosure Finish Premium Black Carpet
    Wood Thickness & Material 5/8" MDF
    Front Baffle Thickness 1.25"
    Internal Air Space of Enclosure 1.00 ft3
    Tuning Frequency of Enclosure 41 Hz
    Push Terminal Location Left Side of Enclosure
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω
    RMS Power 350 Watts
    Peak Power 700 Watts
    Frequency Response 30 - 350 Hz
    Sensitivity (SPL) 83.8 dB
  • Enclosure External Dimensions
    Width 16.00"
    Depth 1 (Bottom) Front to Back 15.25"
    Depth 2 (Top) Front to Back 13.25"
    Height 12.00"

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Great little combo!

I have a Tahoe with a couple 15’s and around 1200rms going to them. Gas prices made me buy a Scion xB to get around in on a daily basis. Again, car purchased to save money so audio upgrade needed to be small and inexpensive. This thing delivered!! It’s running on an RP350. Amp under the seat, speaker wire has quick disconnect in line to be able to use trunk space if needed. Sounds better facing sideways in my particular case, I think because it’s a hatchback and there is no space between speaker and hatch when facing back. Overall super satisfied in sound and bang for buck of this little system.

Best thing ever

I was not thinking that this “8” was going to sound this good. I have it paired up with the 350 mono block from skar and it’s bumps

BIG sound in a small package

Love this little sub. Give my wifes system more then enough bass for her. Paired with the rp 350.1 and 4 6.5 mids

Better than expected

I ordered the 8" sub kit paired with their amp included in the package. Received everything in multiple boxes all in one huge box. I always pick my FedEx packages at their location and been lucky so far. See bad handling videos etc. This was my first full sub install and tuned. Easy if you read and watch videos. Sub was installed in a 14 ford fusion and paw, bass is great for a Sdr 8", nothing that will shake the car next to you, but you seats, mirrors, nutz, will definitely vibrate. Clean bass no distortion at all, I must have set the gain right. Now i feel confident tackling the real project bigger subs etc in the explorer. The search is over skar will be use also.

marty spencer
Wow wow wow

A year ago I bought the SDR series loaded 10" enclosure and amp complete install kit for my Dodge Challenger And loved it. I got this single 8" loaded enclosure and amp and install kit and I was blown away on how great it sounded in my daughter's Subaru Impreza hatchback. I was going back and forth between the 8" or 10". I was worried that the 8" wouldn't be enough and was blown away on how great it sounded. This little amp and sub setup hits hard and is impressive. I'm happy and she's happy on how hard it hits. If you have a small hot hatch and want some thump in the "trunk" this is perfect!