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Skar Audio Single 10" Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure - Fits 2015-2020 Dodge Charger

MSRP: $ 499.99

  • Skar Audio releases this custom, vehicle specific, single 10-inch loaded subwoofer enclosure for use in 2015-2020 Dodge Chargers. Utilizing a single 10", 1,200 watt max power subwoofer, which is pre-wired and loaded inside of the precision fit, hand-laid, fiberglass molded enclosure. Our vehicle specific subwoofer enclosures are engineered from the ground up with every attention to detail in order to ensure perfect fitment and compatibility. We make it easier than ever to add high quality aftermarket bass to your vehicle, without taking up all of your valuable trunk space.

    The Skar Audio SDR-10 D2 subwoofer that is featured within this sealed enclosure (pre-wired to a 1-ohm final impedance load) is very powerful and efficient, providing exceptionally deep and responsive bass output. The sealed enclosure design, which caters to the specific requirements of this subwoofer, allows the driver to perform dynamically across the entire low-end sound spectrum, creating an incredible listening experience.

    Qucik Facts
    Fits 2015-2020 Dodge Charger
    Type Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
    RMS/Peak Power Output 600 Watts/1,200 Watts
    Included Subwoofer Size & Model 10" (SDR-10 D2)
    MPN VS.L-DODCHARG-20152020-1X10

    In addition to all of the elements that make this system sound great, the inherent design aesthetics that come with our custom fit enclosures are stunning as well. This loaded enclosure is designed to be mounted in the right side of the vehicles trunk, sitting flush against the wheel well, and is secured by a mounting bracket (included with product).

  • General
    Model VS.L-DODCHARG-20152020-1X10
    Peak Power 1,200 Watts
    RMS Power 600 Watts
    Coil Configuration Dual 2 Ω (pre-wired to a 1Ω Final Load)
    Driver Materials
    Voice Coil Size | Material 2.5" | Copper
    Voice Coil Attributes 4-Layer w/ Black Coated Former
    Motor Structure 97 Oz. Ferrite Magnets
    Cone Type Competition Grade High-Strength Paper
    Surround Type High Roll Foam with Stitching to Cone
    Basket Aluminum (Custom Tooled)
    Technical Parameters
    Sensitivity: 82 dB
    Xmax: 13.5mm (one-way)
  • Compatibility
    • Make
    • Model
    Subwoofer Measurements
    1 2
    3 4

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alexander Esquivel
Dodge Charger speaker system

I’m impressed with this small speaker system. It fits perfectly in my car and provides a good sound for its sizes. I didn’t want a big system that would be too loud and take most of my cargo space. This is a great for what I wanted and a quality product.

Markeith Pemberton
Awesome product!!

Bought this for my 2018 Skatpack and it fits great. It fits on the right side of the trunk and the bass is phenomenal. One note, this product will cover your trunk light on the ride side and you won’t be able to access the battery compartment unless you remove the sub.

Eric Correa
Very nice custom box and sub combo for the Dodge charger

This sub enclosure fit perfectly and looks better than the stock beats sub enclosure that came with my car. That being said;
it is kind of expensive for one 10 inch subwoofer, but worth the money to save your trunk space and keep the stock look. Plus you're paying for the custom fiberglass box, the sub is basically thrown in the deal. Trust me it is slim pickings when looking for a box for this car.
I chose to go with this loaded 10" sub enclosure with the suggested amp (RP-800.1D). I recommend getting your system fully tuned with an SMD DD1 or oscilloscope before blasting it, or taking it to it's limits. It will take away the distortion to the sub and amp and will give you the cleanest signal possible. The way the amp and speaker are paired it is a bit more power for a lower rated sub. 800 watts at 1ohm. RMS is 600 on the sub, it could probably handle it no worries 👍. Needless to say if installed incorrectly though it will blow...That is what happened to my first sub. But this most likely due to the shady stereo shop I had install it in the first place. SKAR HAS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE BTW!!! I told them what happened they had me send pics and then destroy the sub. (That was fun!) I opted for the 4 ohm dual VC sub this time around to be safe. which when wired in parallel had a final impedance of 2 ohm's matching the amps power rating perfectly. The sub came with in a couple days wow, and this time it didn't blow. That could also be due to having a reputable shop do the work this time. A fantastic addition to the stock system to say the least. I got this bad boy pounding with the bass knob at only half of the way up. Enjoy the pics and sound clip!!! I'm Skared for life lol. I love the quality and customer service experience they gave me. You've gained a loyal customer, 5*s all the way!!!

Brendyn E

Perfect fit, price and sound. I'm extremely surprised of the sound quality and volume!

Juan Muniz
Skar audio sub and amps

Skar has always been my number 1 choice on all my vehicles that’s all I use …. Better sound and best bargain for money … I have used all kinds of brands and have never been happier than when I switched to Skar audio ….. thanks keep up the great work