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Dual 10" 800 Watt IX Series Complete Subwoofer Package with Vented Enclosure and Amplifier

  • Skar Audio designed this custom IX10D4-2X10VENTED loaded enclosure complete bass package to provide an all-in-one option to add reliable, thumping bass to your vehicle. This package is equipped with two, 10-inch, dual 4-ohm, Skar Audio IX Series subwoofers, which are pre-loaded and wired up inside of a custom dual 10" ported enclosure. This custom enclosure is covered in premium grade charcoal carpeting, providing a sleek appearance that allows the enclosure to look as good as it sounds.

    Our experts engineered this enclosure specifically for the IX subwoofers, ensuring impeccable sound quality and compatibility. We also include the perfect amplifier in this package to power your new subwoofers with the Skar Audio RP-350.1D, which comes with a premium 4 gauge amplifier wiring kit to make installing the amplifier hassle free. Get loud today with this complete bass package from Skar Audio.

    Quick Facts
    Peak Power Handling 800 Watts
    Enclosure Configuration Dual - 10"
    Included Amplifier Skar Audio RP-350.1D
    Included Amp Kit 4 Gauge CCA Complete Kit
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω

    The subwoofers come pre-wired and loaded inside of the enclosure allowing for an easy and hassle free installation. The dual 4-ohm subwoofers are wired up inside of the enclosure so that the final impedance load is configured for 1-ohm at the terminals.

  • Enclosure Specifications
    Enclosure Type Dual - 10" Vented (IX10D4-2X10VENTED)
    Fit Type x2 IX-10 D4 Subwoofers (Pre-Loaded)
    Enclosure Style Center Port (Maximum Bass)
    Enclosure Finish Premium Charcoal Carpet
    Wood Thickness & Material 5/8" MDF
    Internal Air Space of Enclosure 3.30 ft3
    Tuning Frequency of Enclosure 34 Hz
    Push Terminal Location Rear Side of Enclosure
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω
    Amplifier Specifications
    Model Name Skar Audio RP-350.1D Monoblock
    RMS Power at 1 Ω 350W x 1 Ch (14.4v)
    Peak Power at 1 Ω 388W x 1 Ch (14.4v)
    Power Supply High-Speed MOSFET
    Power & Ground Input Size 4 Gauge
    Remote Bass Knob and Cable Included Yes
    Amp Kit Specifications
    Model Name SKAR4ANL-CCA 4 Gauge CCA Complete Kit
    ANL Fuse Size 100 Amp - Fuse Holder Included
    Power Cable 17 ft - 4 AWG Matte Blue
    Ground Cable 3 ft - 4 AWG Matte Brown
    Speaker Wire 20 ft - 16 Gauge Matte Blue
    RCA Interconnect Cable 17 ft - 2-Channel Blue Twisted Pair
    Remote Turn-on Wire 17 ft - Blue
    Accessories Ring/Ground Terminals & Vinyl Cable Ties Included
  • Performance
    RMS Power 400 Watts
    Peak Power 800 Watts
    Frequency Response 28 - 325 Hz
    Sensitivity (SPL) 84.4 dB
    Enclosure External Dimensions
    Width 34.50"
    Depth 16.00"
    Height 13.00"

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Absolutely love!

Love these speaker! And for the price!! Will forever be getting these brand. All my friends know of you now. They will be buying soon!!

One word. WOW

So literally after months of going back and fourth on what i wanted to put in my 99 neon rt, I finally bit the bullet and ordered this package and wow. Even without being broken in this package absolutely slams. So if you were on the fence as i was with this set up i can tell you with confidence go ahead and order it! Amazing customer service, fast shipping and an absolutely BITCHIN product. Thank you Skar audio for offering such an affordable budget banger! Will update my review in a month or so after they're broken in

Great bass

So let me start by saying won’t fit in 2012 camaro trunk or through back seat currently sitting on my back seat
So let’s get to sound
I got them with this amp and they were amazing yes but I got hooked and wanted more so I got the 1200d I believe it’s called and their taking it I plan on upgrading so I can turn my bass knob more then half but they hit real hard never get hot amp got a bit warm but nothing big I love my subs thanks

It’s a real banger

It’s in my Tacoma and it hits harder than running face first into a freight train. Lol. But fr it’s super good for the price it’s at

So far so good!

Subs pack a punch and sound great. Im excited to hear the full sound once they break in a bit.

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