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Dual 10" 4,000 Watt EVL Series Loaded Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

  • Skar Audio designed the EVL-2X10D4 loaded enclosure to extract the immense output capacity of the EVL-10 driver, while still providing outstanding sound quality. We remove the guesswork from designing a competition grade system, as this enclosure arrives pre-wired and ready to provide thunderous low-end bass response. This loaded enclosure is equipped with two EVL-10 D4 2,000 watt max power subwoofers, giving this enclosure a combined max power of 4,000 watts. The subwoofers are pre-loaded and wired inside of a custom designed, wedge-style vented enclosure, featuring our advanced port design which promotes generous air movement, while reducing distortion.

    This custom enclosure is covered in premium grade black carpeting, providing a sleek appearance that allows the enclosure to look as good as it sounds. Due to the weight of the massive EVL motor, we built this enclosure with extensive internal bracing, ensuring structural integrity and reliability. Our experts designed this enclosure specifically for the EVL subwoofers, ensuring impeccable sound quality and compatibility. The subwoofers come pre-wired and loaded inside of the enclosure allowing for an easy and hassle free installation. The dual 4 ohm subwoofers are wired up inside of the enclosure so that the final impedance load is configured for 1-ohm at the terminals (one terminal cup).

    Quick Facts
    RMS Power Handling 2,000 Watts
    Peak Power Handling 4,000 Watts
    Enclosure Configuration Dual - 10"
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω

    This enclosure was engineered by Skar Audio specifically for the subwoofers that are loaded in it, ensuring perfect sound and compatibility. Every subwoofer is different, and when buying a loaded enclosure it is so critical to ensure that the subwoofer and enclosure are an ideal match, or you will lose sound quality and output. With this loaded subwoofer enclosure model, all of those concerns are eliminated, making it easier than ever to add powerful aftermarket bass to your vehicle.

  • General Specifications
    Enclosure Type Dual - 10" Vented
    Fit Type x2 EVL-10 D4 Subwoofers (Pre-Loaded)
    Enclosure Style Wedge Design
    Port Type Advanced Port Design (Maximum Bass)
    Enclosure Finish Premium Black Carpet
    Wood Thickness & Material 5/8 MDF
    Front Baffle Thickness 1.25"
    Internal Air Space of Enclosure 3.30 ft3
    Tuning Frequency of Enclosure 32 Hz
    Push Terminal Location Left Side of Enclosure (one terminal cup only)
    Final Impedance Load 1 Ω
    RMS Power 2,000 Watts
    Peak Power 4,000 Watts
    Frequency Response 28 - 300 Hz
    Sensitivity (SPL) 81.9 dB
  • Enclosure External Dimensions
    Width 34.75"
    Depth 1 (Bottom) Front to Back 18.75"
    Depth 2 (Top) Front to Back 14.75"
    Height 13.875"

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Not bad. Box and setup needs work
Honest Review
Great quality
10 inch 4000watts dual subwoofer

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